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Copilot snacks3.pngAs organizations roll out Copilot for Microsoft 365 to their users it is imperative that they arm them with the knowledge and resources to be effective Prompters. The effectiveness of a user’s prompts really is the determinant in them gaining the full value of the generative AI capability of Copilot yet most users are left on their own with a powerful new tool they are unsure of how to properly use. Thankfully, Microsoft, and the extended Copilot community, have provided some great resources that can really help organizations empower their end users and up their organizational prompt game.

In this HLS Copilot Snack, I walk through 4 resources that can bring immediate impact within an organization in transforming their user prompts into a powerful tool for AI powered transformation.

To see all HLS Copilot Snacks video click here.


To see all HLS Copilot Snacks video click here.

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