Announcing SharePoint Embedded General Availability

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Today we’re pleased to announce the general availability of SharePoint Embedded, a new way to build file and document centric apps. SharePoint Embedded allows you to integrate advanced Microsoft 365 features into your apps including full featured collaborative functions from Office, Purview's security and compliance tools, and Copilot capabilities.  It also helps you build both enterprise line of business apps and independent software vendor (ISV) apps.  SharePoint Embedded is a metered service with pay-as-you-go pricing. In addition, we are also excited to announce a private preview of SharePoint Embedded custom copilot experiences.


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Enterprises today often have files and documents spread across multiple systems, all with different capabilities, lowering user satisfaction and increasing administrative complexity.  SharePoint Embedded delivers Microsoft 365 superpowers as part of any app and consolidates all files and documents within a universal document layer. Apps that manage files and documents with SharePoint Embedded have a common set of collaboration, compliance, security, and AI capabilities, all designed to delight users and admins.


SharePoint Embedded is a headless, API only version of SharePoint, specifically built for apps. SharePoint Embedded introduces the ability for an app developer to create and manage a dedicated partition for their app within their Microsoft 365 tenant.  This partition is logically separated from existing storage areas like SharePoint Online and OneDrive, but integrated with core Microsoft 365 services, including Office co-authoring, search, compliance, Copilot, business continuity, and more.  And, since it’s a pay-as-you-go service, apps built on it have their own limits around things like API transaction rates, rather than being part of shared Microsoft 365 limits.  SharePoint Embedded apps build and manage their own user experience layer and are managed by admins through familiar Microsoft 365 admin centers ISVs can now create their own partitions within a customer’s M365 tenant, surfacing the same capabilities as part of their app. With an ISV app, tenants remain in control of their documents, and tenant specific compliance settings such as retention periods automatically apply.


Building a file and document centric application presents unique challenges, from compliance to collaboration to AI. SharePoint Embedded handles all of this and simplifies and accelerates your file and document management roadmap, for any app. Developers leverage the robust and secure document management features of Microsoft 365 without the need to build or maintain their own infrastructure. IT professionals benefit from centralized administration and governance, ensuring compliance and security across all applications that use it. Users get the collaboration experience and productivity tools they love.




Teams at Microsoft already use SharePoint Embedded to provide apps like Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer with rich file and document management capabilities for use around the world.  When you choose SharePoint Embedded, you’re using the exact same platform that Microsoft uses to build our own apps.


Many customers and partners like KPMG, Peppermint Technologies, BDO, AvePoint and more are already working with SharePoint Embedded to solve common business process and content management problems.


Proventeq, a long time Microsoft partner, is using SharePoint Embedded to build apps that help customers rationalize their document management footprint into a universal document layer powered by Microsoft 365.


"SharePoint Embedded is a great approach to managing documents originating in systems outside of Microsoft 365," said Rakesh Chenchery, Chief Technology Officer at Proventeq, whose product Proventeq Document Management for Salesforce is generally available today. "SharePoint Embedded was simple to integrate into our existing app and gives us a high-performance solution with the easy to manage security and rich collaboration tools our customers are looking for."


Announcing custom copilot experiences for SharePoint Embedded

In addition to out of the box integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot, today we are pleased to announce that custom copilot experiences based on your SharePoint Embedded managed data and built on the Copilot platform are now in private preview.  With custom copilot experiences, you can create robust interactions with your SharePoint Embedded managed data, and easily surface these within your app. If you would like to nominate your company for the SharePoint Embedded custom copilot private preview, please complete this form.



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