Microsoft App Assure supports Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers moving to monthly updates

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At Microsoft, our mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more is continually propelled by innovation. A prime example of that innovation is Copilot for Microsoft 365. Today I’m thrilled to share an important update that will help even more organizations take advantage of this groundbreaking AI tool.   

Copilot iterates fast and relies on the latest updates and integration throughout the Microsoft product suite, so devices need to be on a monthly update channel for Microsoft 365 Apps (Current Channel or Monthly Enterprise Channel). We recommend Monthly Enterprise Channel for predictable updates, reliability, and enterprise management. Every day we see more commercial customers moving to a monthly update channel to maximize the benefits of Copilot. The vast majority—over 75 percent—are currently running on the Monthly Update Channel or Current Channel. To support the transition, I’m excited to announce that we’re expanding App Assure’s app compatibility promise to include a specific commitment to Copilot customers adopting monthly updates:   


App Assure’s promise expands to support Copilot customers moving to monthly updates!  

Microsoft is committed to ensuring your apps work when moving to Monthly Enterprise Channel to take advantage of Copilot for Microsoft 365. If you encounter any issues, we will help you remediate them at no additional cost.    



How App Assure delivers with our latest promise   

App Assure has long guaranteed your apps will work with the latest versions of Microsoft software. Now, App Assure engineers will work with you to ensure a seamless transition to a monthly update channel for Copilot. They’ll also address any app compatibility issues that may arise. For instance, they can:  

  • Help you troubleshoot and identify a root cause.   
  • Provide guidance to help you remediate an application compatibility issue.   
  • Engage with third-party independent solution vendors (ISVs) on your behalf to remediate some part of their app, so that it’s functional on the most modern version of our products.  
  • Work with Microsoft product engineering teams as needed.  


Confidently move to monthly update channels for Copilot 

To further support customers moving to monthly update channels, we’re also investing in tools such as Update Under Lock, Cloud Update, and Update Validation to minimize user disruption and enhance manageability. In addition, the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center provides customers with reliability and performance metrics as well as guidance to help optimize and troubleshoot Microsoft 365 Apps on client devices.  


Empower your organization with Copilot for Microsoft 365 

The combination of Copilot and a monthly update channel offer substantial benefits. Copilot empowers companies to work more productively, boost efficiency, and improve business outcomes. Monthly update channels bring the latest Microsoft 365 features on custom rollout waves, offer a secure experience that minimizes incidents and disruptions, and provide better diagnostics for supportability and minimizing helpdesk claims.    


To explore how your organization can maximize the value of Copilot for Microsoft 365 or to learn more, connect with App Assure by visiting or sending an email to For more information on other areas of App Assure’s service areas, visit App Assure with Microsoft FastTrack or see our service description.     

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