Business Process Tracking Preview Update

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Last November, we announced the Public Preview of the Integration Environment and Business Process Tracking. Since this time, we have been engaged with many customers learning about their use cases and listening to their feedback. Based upon this feedback, we have made some investments that we are going to be announcing during the week of June 10th, 2024. Look for updates on this blog and at the Integrate 2024 event.


In preparation for this new release, we want to provide you with advanced notice of a breaking change that will take place. Based upon customer feedback, we are implementing support for business process stage statuses. This will allow customers to define success and failure milestones that give you more control over reporting the outcome of your business process. This new capability requires a breaking change to our existing schema which will impact existing business processes.


To avoid runtime tracking errors, the following steps are required. Please note that these runtime tracking errors will not impact any workflow runtime executions.


Call to action

The new schema is not compatible with the older schema, as a result, we are recommending the following actions take place by June 3rd, 2024:

  • Document what your business process is currently doing by taking notes, screenshots, etc.
  • Undeploy any existing business processes. This will prevent future runtime tracking errors from occurring as a result of an old schema.
  • Undeploying can be achieved by clicking on the menu on a deployed business process and then selecting the Undeploy label.


  • By undeploying your business process, the related tracking profile(s) will be removed from associated Logic Apps and related configuration values will be removed from Environment Variables found within impacted Logic Apps.

Detecting invalid tracking profile schemas

In the event, that existing business processes are not undeployed before June 3rd, customers can expect to find the following error in the Notifications panel found in the Logic Apps Overview page: The tracking profile schema isn't supported.


Additional Support

If you require additional support after June 3rd, please reach out to customer support where a support engineer can further assist in removing the business process.

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