Skilling snack: Windows security for developers

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Security is a team sport, and as a developer, you're a critical part of the Windows Security team. After all, nobody will want to use your apps or websites if they think they might catch a virus or lose their personal information. Fortunately, Windows has a treasure trove of valuable tricks and tools to help you safeguard your code and protect your users from the worst threats the internet has to offer. Take a walk on the safe side with this week’s skilling resources, designed to help you stay three steps ahead in the race against malware.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 50 minutes


Support for passkeys in Windows

Looking for a more convenient alternative to traditional sign-ins? Learn how passkeys can help to manage your website access securely, without having to remember a litany of passwords.

(7 mins)

Authentication + PIN + Windows Hello


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Advancing key protection in Windows using VBS

Developers can use the Cryptography API: Next Generation (CNG) framework to help secure Windows keys with virtualization-based security (VBS). Read all about creating, importing, and protecting your keys.

(5 mins)

Local Security Authority + NCrypt + Ephemeral keys + Per-boot keys



Personal Data Encryption (PDE)

When you want to give your business’s files an extra level of security, Personal Data Encryption has you covered. Find out more here.

(5 mins)

Windows Hello for Business + Windows 11 + Decryption keys


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VBS Enclaves

Meet the enclaveapi.h header and learn how you can use it to create a secure region of code within your applications.

(1 min)

Secure Enclaves + Coding + System Services + Programming


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Device attestation

A device protected by a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a device that is armed against malicious boot attacks. Get started protecting your own boot integrity.

(8 mins)

Azure + Measured Boot + Trusted Boot + Keys


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Announcing Zero Trust DNS Private Preview

Want to build your network around a domain name rather than an IP address? Find out how, and why this is a stronger choice for network security.

(4 mins)

Zero Trust + Windows DNS + Windows Filtering Platform


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Win32 App Isolation

Hop onto GitHub to browse through an arsenal of developer tools and documentation designed to get the most out of your security strategy.

(2 mins)

Win32 + GitHub + AppContainers + VisualStudio


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MSIX Packaging Tool

Proper app packaging should allow you to retain your app’s full functionality without sacrificing security. This is why Windows created MSIX. Learn everything you need to know about how this innovative app package format can provide you with seamless installations, guide in the building of secure least-privilege apps, and give your users visibility and control over their most sensitive resources.

(3 mins)

MSIX + Windows Insider Program + WinGet + Win32App Isolation



What is Trusted Signing?

Ready to take a deep dive into Microsoft’s fully managed, end-to-end signing service? Get started with this primer on Trusted Signing.

(1 min)

Azure + Certificate signing + Certificate lifecycle management


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Smart App Control

How do you spot the difference between trustworthy and untrustworthy code? Read about how Microsoft’s Smart App Control can help keep you safe.

(3 mins)

Certificates + Trusted Root Program + Malware



Prioritize your most critical security findings with Microsoft Defender for DevOps

In this live demo session recording from Microsoft Build 2023, you’ll see how DevOps can use findings from Microsoft Defender for Cloud to identify and address your biggest security concerns.

(11 mins)

Cloud + Defender + Azure



Your home for Microsoft Build

It’s not too late to benefit from all the learning from this year’s Build sessions. Check out on-demand recordings of the latest developments at Build where many of our leaders spoke about the importance of security.

(time varies)

Copilot + Generative AI + Cloud + Azure + Docker + NVIDIA + Intel + Security

Feeling more secure yet? If not, freshen up on further security skills by checking out these past blog articles:

If you have any ideas for future learning you’d like to see, or if you’d like to engage with your fellow developers, leave a comment below and look forward to our next skilling snack.

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