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Copilot snacks3.pngThe ServiceNow plugin for Copilot for Microsoft 365 allows users to easily create and track tickets for IT support within the Copilot app. Users can access the plugin from the Copilot toolbar and submit requests with relevant information, such as screenshots, device details, and error messages. The plugin also enables users to view the status of their tickets, communicate with IT agents, and provide feedback on the resolution. This integration can benefit users by simplifying the process of requesting and receiving IT support and can benefit IT support by reducing the need for manual data collection and improving customer satisfaction.

In this Copilot Snack I demonstrate the use of the Copilot/ServiceNow integration from within Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

*Special thanks to Microsoft's Maria Kurian for enabling the integration that made this demo possible!

To see all HLS Copilot Snacks video click here.


To see all HLS Copilot Snacks video click here.

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