Leading Successful Tech User Groups: Insights from MVPs

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Leading a tech user group can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore the journey of a user group leader, from the initial challenges of growing the group to the key factors that contributed to its sustained growth and engagement.


We are highlighting Internet of Things and Microsoft Azure German MVP,  Damir Dobric, AI United States MVP Adam Wisniewski, and Data Platform MVP Data Platform Bernat Agulló Roselló. By leveraging key factors such as support, coordination, planning, engagement, technology, and valuable content, Damir, Adam, and Bernat each overcame initial challenges and achieved sustained growth and engagement in the successful tech user groups they founded and led. 


In founding and leading successful tech user groups, Damir, Adam, and Bernat each had their own unique experiences. Damir founded Azure Meetup Frankurt, the first Azure Group in Germany at the request of Scott Guthrie, while Bernat became a member of the Power BI Barcelona user group, in 2021. In 2023, he joined the organizers' team benefiting from the knowledge of the attendees and the group.  Meanwhile, Adam has been leading user groups, including Tampa XR, since 2018 and has always found them to be an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from each other.



Power BI Barcelona user group


Every MVP found unique ways to grow their groups. Damir brought in people from the .NET User Group and various companies, while Bernat reached out through social media. Adam focused on making content his attendees would like. He learned that just creating a group doesn't mean people will join. So, he made a plan to draw in and keep members interested, got extra help, and met different needs. Damir kept promoting cloud technology, even though it wasn't popular at first due to data security concerns. His efforts paid off when Azure became widely used. Bernat started his group to keep in touch with past event-goers. To get more people, he invited Power BI users from Barcelona on LinkedIn with a message that got their attention.



MVP Damir Dobric


Leading a tech user group provided Damir, Adam, and Bernat with valuable learning experiences and personal growth. Damir relished the opportunity to network with influential professionals and enthusiasts, finding the reciprocal learning process enriching.  Adam on the other hand, gained a great deal of knowledge from exploring topics in more depth, having rich discussions with members and thinking through ways to keep up with the ever-moving tech industry. While Bernat learned about the importance of teamwork, flexibility, and taking breaks while also building a motivated core team to lead the group.


Damir, Adam, and Bernat each shared their insights on nurturing a successful tech user group. Damir emphasized the importance of keeping the group engaged with high-quality, current information. Adam suggested focusing on a subject you're passionate about and forming a dedicated team to manage events. He also highlighted the need for continuous member recruitment and the avoidance of overcommitment. Bernat advised establishing a committed core team to lead the group, advocating for shared leadership rather than solo efforts. He also underscored the significance of consistent member recruitment and the necessity of taking breaks when needed.



MVP Adam Wisniewski


In conclusion, leading a tech user group can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. The journey of a user group leader involves overcoming initial challenges, developing strategies for growth and engagement, and taking advantage of personal growth and learning opportunities. With the right approach, leading a tech user group can be a fulfilling and enriching experience.


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