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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Masayuki Mokudai (もくだいさん), M365 MVP, Japan

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Overview of Plans on Microsoft Learn | Microsoft Learn

“When you want to share the knowledge you've gained from your actual work with your colleagues or juniors, you might feel that "The learning modules designed for Microsoft's MCP preparation lack certain things and contain unnecessary information." You can resolve the gap between the exam prep learning modules and the knowledge required for your company's tasks by creating your own learning modules. Combine existing [modules] to clearly identify the learning outcomes needed for your learners and create a learning plan by combining modules into the smallest possible units to enhance the learners' sense of accomplishment.”

(In Japanese: 実業務で得た知識を同僚や後輩に伝えたい場合に「マイクロソフトのMCP対策用の学習モジュールだと、アレも足りない、これは不要」と感じたことがあると思います。試験対策の学習モジュールと自社の業務に必要な知識のズレは自分で学習モジュールを作成することで解決することができます。既存の [モジュール] を組み合わせて学習者に必要な学習成果を明確にし、できるだけ小さい単元でモジュールを組み合わせることで、学習者の達成感を高めるための学習プランをあなたが作成してください。)

*Relevant Blog: 学習支援者向け、Microsoft Learn の Plan を使って学習コンテンツをまとめよう – もくだいさんのOffice365至高のレシピ (


James van den Berg, Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, Netherlands

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Blogs - Microsoft Community Hub

“I like to read the Microsoft Tech community Blog every day and read about all the New Microsoft features for the community made by Microsoft. Learning but also trying the new features yourself.

I like Azure Hybrid and working with Azure Arc services for Hybrid IT Management."

*Relevant Blog: Add Kubernetes Cluster to Microsoft Azure Arc #Containers #AzureHybrid | Cloud and Datacenter Management Blog (


Sergio Govoni, Data Platform MVP, Italy

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Introducing data virtualization with PolyBase - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

“Recently I had the opportunity to configure a maintenance plan for a SQL Server database with external tables and external data source for PolyBase queries. The maintenance plan has been completed with the error "The object Update Statistics isn't supported on External Table". I decided to developed the stored procedure sp_drop_create_stats_external_table that can generate all the T-SQL statements for drop and create statistics that can be used in the maintenance plan. From the maintenance plan prospective, CREATE and DROP STATISTICS statements can be stored on a temporary table or working table and executed separately. DROP STATISTICS statements can be executed before the maintenance statistics task and afterward the CREATE STATISTICS statements.”

*Relevant Blog:

- English:

How to maintain SQL Server statistics on PolyBase external table | by Sergio Govoni | CodeX | Medium

GitHub - segovoni/sp_drop_create_stats_external_table: Generate all the T-SQL statements for drop and create statistics defined on SQL Server external tables in your database!

- Italian: Aggiornamento statistiche SQL per database che contengono External Table PolyBase – UGISS


Tomokazu Kizawa, Windows and Devices MVP, Japan

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Update release cycle for Windows clients - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Learn

“The Windows 11 release cycle has been adjusted several times to ensure efficient and timely delivery to the market. There are various update patterns and methods, ranging from monthly security patches to major annual updates. Additionally, technical terms like "'A' release" and "'C' release" are often used, which can sometimes be confusing. This article provides a detailed explanation of when and what updates are released for Windows clients. It's beneficial for both corporate IT administrators and individual users."

(In Japanese: Windows 11のリリースサイクルは、市場への効率的かつタイムリーな提供を目指して何度か変更されています。毎月リリースされるセキュリティパッチの適用から、年に一度の大規模更新まで、様々なパターンの更新タイミングや方法が存在します。また、一般的に「Aリリース」や「Cリリース」などの専門的な用語が使われることもあり、理解が難しくなることがあります。この記事では、Windowsクライアントにおいて、どのタイミングでどのようなアップデートがリリースされるかを詳しく解説しています。企業のIT管理者だけでなく、個人ユーザーにとっても非常に有益な内容です。)

*Relevant Video: 728 これでわかった!Windows 11のリリースサイクル (2024/4/29) (

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