Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter – June 2024

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Ace Aviator of the Month


June's Ace Aviator: Sebastian Meyer




What is your role and title? What are your responsibilities associated with your position?

I'm a Senior Lead Architect and I am responsible to solve integration needs from our clients. I have over 15 years of experience in the integration space. Mainly BizTalk Server and Azure Integration Services. I also have knowledge about SAP Integration Suite, so I work closely with stakeholders from different departments with different systems to understand and translate their needs into appropriate integration solutions. I am helping design, implementing and optimize integration solutions and also mentoring teams to adopt new capabilities.


Can you provide some insights into your day-to-day activities and what a typical day in your role looks like?

Every day is diverse, usually I work in more than one project, but a typical day is fully packed with meetings with clients and co-workers. There is a lot of communication to do. Other parts of my day include prototyping of new approaches and/or technologies, creating technical design documents and presentations for clients.


What motivates and inspires you to be an active member of the Aviators/Microsoft community?

Being an active member in the community is very important for me. Technology, especially Integration-Technology, is my passion and I learned a lot from the community. I want to share my knowledge to others, so they can also learn a lot from my experience. I think this can be named as circle of continuous learning where everyone from the community plays a crucial role. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert.


Looking back, what advice do you wish you would have been told earlier on that you would give to individuals looking to become involved in STEM/technology?

I want to give the following advice. Not every new technology or framework should be adopted without thinking about it and double-check it if it is really necessary for your needs. But it is important to be interested in and open-minded for new technologies. Because technology is evolving very fast.


What has helped you grow professionally?

I think the most important part to grow professionally is not only focus on technology. To be professional there is more than technology. Soft skills like communication, kindness and taking responsibility for your own work and your team members are very important as well. Don't stop learning and grow yourself.


Imagine you had a magic wand that could create a feature in Logic Apps. What would this feature be and why?

If I had a magic wand to create a feature in Logic Apps, it would be full support for running Logic Apps on-prem to support on-prem only integration workloads, because this is the most requested feature by our clients. 

Customer Corner:

hubergroup achieves operational excellence in 150 locations with a unified Microsoft solution




Discover this customer success story about hubergroup optimizing its manufacturing operations with Microsoft's environment, including Azure and Logic Apps. By leveraging Logic Apps alongside Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, hubergroup streamlined operations, reducing costs by 10-15% and automating workflows for increased efficiency. Read more about how the Microsoft solution empowers hubergroup and join hubergroup's journey of digital transformation with Azure and Logic Apps.

News from our product group:



Event Announcement: Logic Apps Community Day 2024  

On September 26, 2024 (Pacific Time) the Logic Apps Product Group will host a full day of learning where you will be the star! We are currently hosting a call for speakers until June 23rd. Make sure to sign up now!



Business continuity and disaster recovery for Azure Logic Apps

Discover top strategies for disaster recovery in this must-watch video - boost your cloud resilience now!


Azure API Center: Your Comprehensive API Inventory and Governance Solution

Read more about Azure API Center and the importance in having a centralized management in this article.


Application Insights for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Correlation Tracking Update

Discover a new feature flag that will modify the default behavior of passing correlation between Azure services and Logic Apps when tracking data using Application Insights v2.


Time is almost up! Upgrade your Azure Logic Apps Integration Service Environment workloads

Are you an Azure Logic Apps Integration Service Environment user? Then make sure to complete your upgrade from Integration Service Environments (ISE) to Logic Apps Standard as the August 31st deadline quickly approaches. Read more in this article. 


Upcoming Data Mapper improvements


Check out this article to learn about all the latest updates planned for Data Mapper and provide feedback.


Introducing GenAI Gateway Capabilities in Azure API Management

We are thrilled to announce GenAI Gateway capabilities in Azure API Management - a set of features designed specifically for GenAI use cases. Read more in this article!


Discover your next integration inspiration at this year’s Build!

This article covers the major announcements for Azure Integration Services from this year's Build event - definitely a must-read!


Business Process Tracking Preview Update

Today, June 3rd, is the last day to complete the recommended call to action for the preparation needed with changes coming to Business Process Tracking. Make sure to read this article for tips on how to avoid an error.



Universal API Center - a truly comprehensive API catalog that warmly welcomes all your APIs! - Microsoft Community Hub

This article explores various techniques for cataloging APIs, sourced from a myriad of platforms, and demonstrates how to create a universal consolidated view using Azure API Center!


News from our community:

Aviators Germany Community Kickoff Event  

Hosted by QUIBIC


Join your fellow Aviators Kent Weare and Sandro Pereira when they feature as special guests at the Aviators Germany Community Kickoff Event! This special opportunity will occur on June 13th from 12-5pm (CEST). Make sure to register for free and secure your place now!


Connecting With Azure Integration Accounts  

Video by Stephen W. Thomas 


Don't know what Azure Integration Accounts does or how to use them? Watch Stephen's video to learn the basics!


Integration Insider: Azure Integration Services, The Integration Platform You Didn't Know You Had  

Video by Derek Marley and Tim Bieber


Check out the first video of many to come from a new series by Derek and Tim. In their introductory episode, watch them highlight the powerful capabilities that Azure Integration Services has to offer. 


Friday Fact: Logic App Consumption and Standard have different Action name restrictions  

Post by Sandro Pereira


Setting proper names for your actions can be important, so make sure you learn about the different name restrictions for Consumption and Standard in this Friday Fact from Sandro!


Debug Azure API Management Policies | Send-Request APIM Policy | Managed Identity Authentication

Video by Sri Gunnala 


For our fellow Aviators looking for ways to debug or simplify complex Liquid template transformations and working with Azure API Management Policies, then make sure to watch Sri's helpful video walkthrough.


Decoding Logic App Dilemmas: Using Storage Account, Azure Functions, and Logic Apps to merge multiple files into a PDF

Post by Luís Rigueira


Looking to merge different file types with different extensions into a final PDF Document? Then Luis and Logic Apps can help!

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