Announcing: Public Preview of Resubmit from an Action in Logic Apps Consumption Workflows

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Announcing: Public Preview of Resubmit from an Action in Logic Apps Consumption Workflows



We are happy to introduce Resubmit Action in the Consumption SKU. This is a feature that customers have been asking for a long time, and we are glad to finally deliver it to Consumption SKU. Resubmit action has been part of Standard SKU for a while, and we have gotten positive feedback from customers. Standard SKU announcement. 



Resubmit from trigger has been a feature available for many years, however customers are looking for more flexibility around being able to resubmit from any action within the workflow. This will give customers more control over where they resume their workflow from and will allow customers to avoid data duplication in action calls that previously were successful.


How it works

Once you select the action to be resubmitted, all actions before the selected action including the trigger are replayed from the original workflow run. This means we will reuse the inputs and outputs of those actions and not actually execute them. Once the workflow execution reaches the resubmitted action, we will process that action and all following actions as normal.


How to use it

We have improved the visibility of this operation since its first Standard SKU release. We listened to the input from our partners and customers and realized that the feature was too obscure and not easy to find. Therefore, we have expanded the number of locations where users can start the Resubmit operation. 


  1. Go to your workflow’s Run History page and select the run you want to resubmit. brbenn_0-1717606001689.png
  2. Find the action you want to resubmit. Note: Failed and Successful actions can be resubmitted. There are two ways to resubmit from an action: 
    1. Option A
      1. Right-click on the action and click the Submit from this action button. brbenn_1-1717606020646.png
    2. Option B
      1. Click on the action to bring up the run details. Near the top of the newly opened pane find and click on the Submit from this action button. brbenn_2-1717606036132.png
  3. The page will refresh, putting you into the context of the new run. Note: Actions occurring before the resubmitted action will have a dim-green icon indicating their inputs and outputs were reused from the parent run. brbenn_3-1717606050895.png



The resubmit actions feature is not available to all actions and workflow configurations. Below are the limitations to keep in mind when using this feature: 

  • The workflow must be a Stateful workflow 
  • The resubmitted run will execute the same flow version as the original run. This is true even if the workflow definition has been updated. 
  • The workflow must have 40 or fewer actions to be eligible for action resubmit.
  • The workflow must be in a completed state e.g. Failed, Successful, Cancelled 
  • Only actions of sequential workflows are eligible to be resubmitted. Workflows with parallel paths are currently not supported. 
  • Actions inside of a Foreach or Until operations are not eligible to be resubmitted. Additionally, the Foreach and Until operations themselves are not eligible. 
  • Actions that occur after Foreach and Until operations are not eligible to be resubmitted. 
  • This feature is currently not available in VS Code or the Azure CLI. 


What's next

Give it a try! This is a highly requested feature from customers as there currently is no way to resubmit from an action inside of a Consumption workflow. This feature alleviates the need to re-run an entire workflow because of an external service failure or misconfiguration. Please give it a try and let us know your thoughts!








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