Resolved: Known issue – /tmp/mstunnel Directory not found when upgrading Microsoft Tunnel

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We recently discovered an issue for Microsoft Tunnel where the /tmp folder might be cleaned up by the system. This means that the required /tmp/mstunnel/ folder could be missing from the machine and cause the Microsoft Tunnel upgrade to fail.


This issue has been fixed in the March release of the Microsoft Tunnel. However, if you’re upgrading from a Microsoft Tunnel release prior to March 14, 2024, confirm that the /tmp/mstunnel folder is on the machine. If the folder is missing, you will need to recreate it by using the command:


mkdir -m 0770 /tmp/mstunnel



If the servers have attempted to upgrade already, you may see these errors when trying to start the agent:


mst-cli agent restart info: Restarting service mstunnel-agent fail: Failed to start service mstunnel-agent service



Additionally, when viewing the mstunnel_monitor logs by using command:


journalctl -t mstunnel_monitor



You’ll see the following errors which indicate that the upgrade has been attempted and has failed:


tar (child): //tmp/mstunnel/mstunnel-locale.tar.gz: Cannot open: Not a directory tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now



To resolve this issue, uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Tunnel Gateway. Note that you will need to perform certificate import and authentication during the installation process. For more information, review Install Microsoft Tunnel Gateway.


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Post updates:

06/05/24: This known issue is now resolved!

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