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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Tomokazu Kizawa, Windows and Devices MVP, Japan

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Introducing the ultimate Copilot+ PCs – The all-new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop | Microsoft Devices Blog (

“The Copilot+ PC is a new PC concept that allows AI processing, which was previously done in the cloud, to be performed at the edge (on the PC itself). It requires an NPU capable of performing 40 trillion operations per second, high-speed and large-capacity memory, and fast storage. The Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 7, equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon X series processors, have been announced as high-performance PCs that make the Copilot+ PC a reality.

This article provides an excellent explanation of the new Surface series."

(In Japanese, Copilot+ PCは、クラウドで処理をしていたAI処理をエッジ(PC)でも実行できるようにした新しいPCのコンセプトです。1秒間に40兆回の処理を行うNPU、高速で大容量なメモリ、高速なストレージを持つことが条件になっています。そして、Copilot+ PCを実現する高性能PCとしてQualcommのSnapdragon Xシリーズプロセッサを搭載した、Surface Pro 11とSurface Laptop 7が発表されました。


*Relevant Video: 第731回 パソコンが変わる。Surfaceが変える。Copilot+ PC・新型Surface Pro 11とSurface Laptop (2024/5/26) (


Komes Chandavimol, AI MVP, Thailand

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Microsoft Generative AI Hackathon: Imagine, Integrate, Innovate: Build with Azure AI to revolutionize multimodal experiences. - Devpost

“My favorite site is the Microsoft Generative AI Hackathon, where over 1,000 participants compete in creating multimodal applications. The winner of the competition is ChatEDU, an innovative tool designed to transform students’ use of generative AI from mere task and assignment automation into a dynamic copilot that collaborates and learns with them. The runner-up is Garvis, which eliminates the need for users to verbally describe visual problems by directly analyzing and understanding the scene and replaces text-based instructions with intuitive visual demonstrations directly in the user's environment. Both projects are incredible. You can explore more interesting multimodal applications in the gallery at Microsoft Generative AI Hackathon Project Gallery.”

(In Thai, งาน Microsoft Generative AI Hackathon ล่าสุด มีผู้เข้าแข่งขันหลายพันคน โดยมีหลายๆทีมที่น่าสนใจมาใน AI Hackathon Gallery โดยผู้ชนะ คือ ChatEDU เครื่องมือช่วยนักเรียนใช้ Gen AI ช่วยในการเรียน)


Zheng Xing, Windows Development MVP, China

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Use Identity to secure a Web API backend for SPAs | Microsoft Learn

“As the architect of the project, I am responsible for guiding the team in designing and implementing products that comply with the secure development lifecycle. For our project, in a web application that is split between front-end and back-end and will integrate multiple third-party systems in the future, introducing ASP.NET Core Identity to achieve comprehensive identity authentication and authorization is an efficient and reasonable solution. This article provides detailed guidance and a link to an example. I have benefited a lot from it. Meanwhile, through community interactions, I've found that not all developers are aware of ASP.NET Core Identity. Therefore, I seize this opportunity to highly recommend it to everyone!”

(In Chinese, 作为项目的架构师,我需要指导团队设计并实现符合安全开发生命周期的产品。对于我们的项目来说,一个前后端分离,且未来会集成多个三方系统的Web Application中,通过引入ASP.NET Core Identity来实现完善的身份认证和授权,是一个高效合理的方案。这篇文章给出了详细的指导,并提供了示例的链接。我受益良多,同时在社区的交流中我发现,并不是所有的开发者都知道ASP.NET Core Identity,借此机会强烈推荐给大家!)


Tomomitsu Kusaba, Developer Technologies MVP, Japan

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General Availability of .NET Aspire: Simplifying .NET Cloud-Native Development - .NET Blog (

“.NET Aspire has reached General Availability (GA). I believe this will have a significant impact on creating cloud-native applications."

(In Japanese, .NET AspireがGAしました。これはクラウドネイティブアプリケーションを作成する上で大きなインパクトを与える事項になると考えています。)

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