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Looking to discover the latest integration breakthroughs and connect with experts on a global scale? The Integrate 2024 conference, taking place June 10-11 in London, is a valuable opportunity for developers to stay up to date on the latest integration trends, network with peers, and gain practical skills that can be applied in their work. We’ll be there demonstrating the latest and greatest Azure Integration Services offerings. Claim your spot today! 


In this blog we’ll explore key themes and concepts at Integrate 2024. We’ll go in-depth on some of the most exciting Microsoft sessions on the agenda, including Azure Integration Services advancements in generative AI, API management, and developer productivity.   


What will I learn at Integrate 2024? 

Whether you attend live or remotely, you can expect over 15 hours of sessions led by members of the Microsoft Product Group and Azure MVPs. These sessions provide deep dives into current and emerging technologies, best practices, and innovative solutions in the integration space.  


Azure Logic Apps 

“Accelerating Generative AI Development with Azure Logic Apps,” June 11, 11:10 am GMT+1 

Efficiently building and managing generative AI applications is crucial for organizations to maintain a competitive edge. This session delves into how Azure Logic Apps can bolster developer productivity and streamline the development of intelligent applications.  

Attendees will meet the Workflow Assistant, a chat interface seamlessly integrated within Logic Apps that can answer questions about your workflows, Logic App connectors, and integration best practices and patterns. 

You’ll also explore the built-in OpenAI connectors provided by Logic Apps, specifically designed for building generative AI applications. These pre-built connectors offer a low-code and powerful platform for efficiently developing generative AI applications. 


“Latest Developments in Azure Logic Apps,” June 10, 12:05 PM GMT+1 

Discover the latest innovations in Azure Logic Apps, our cloud-based tool for automating and seamlessly integrating business processes. Explore the unified Azure Integration Environment for enhanced monitoring and management. Learn how Azure Logic Apps enable collaboration between low-code and pro-code developers, streamlining bench expansion. The session will also showcase advancements in BizTalk migration and the flexibility of Hybrid Logic Apps for deployment on Kubernetes infrastructure. 


“Accelerating Developer Productivity with Azure Logic Apps,” June 10, 10:35 am GMT+1 

Find out how Azure Logic Apps enhances the developer experience by seamlessly integrating with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and empowering developers to build, test, and debug Logic App workflows locally. Learn how the combination of no-code and pro-code capabilities streamlines onboarding, simplifies DevOps, and delivers powerful integration solutions. 


Azure API Management 

“Azure OpenAI + Azure API Management Better Together,” June 11, 3:55 pm GMT+1 

Many industries are looking to leverage AI for their own development purposes and use cases, and Azure OpenAI provides a great way to leverage LLM models in development. However, the service comes with its own challenges related to scalability, security, monitoring and resource allocation.       

Azure API Management can help with these challenges and in this session, we will demonstrate how API Management can be configured for authentication and authorization for OpenAI endpoint, enforcing rate limits based on OpenAI tokens used, load balancing across multiple OpenAI endpoints and more. 


“Accelerating Innovation: Exploring Azure API Management's Latest Advancements and Future Developments,” June 11, 1:45 pm GMT+1 

Gain valuable insights into the future of Azure API Management when we unveil our feature roadmap, discussing upcoming enhancements and strategic directions aligned with industry trends. Participate in interactive discussions to shape our roadmap decisions and learn how Azure API Management can empower your business. 


API Center 

“Azure API Center: What's New in the Microsoft API space!” June 10, 5:30 pm GMT+1 

Azure API Center is a new Azure service that helps you develop and maintain a structured inventory of your organization’s APIs. API Center enables API discovery, reuse, and governance. In this session, you will learn about the key features and benefits of API Center. 


Azure Messaging 

“The future of event streaming with Azure Messaging,” June 10, 12:45 pm GMT+1 

Discover the future of real-time data processing with Azure Messaging Event Streaming Platform. Learn how Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Fabric Event Streams, and other cutting-edge technologies can transform your business by unlocking the value hidden in the constant flow of events surrounding you. 


“The evolution of Azure Message brokers,” June 11, 9:40 am GMT+1 

Explore the future of cloud-native messaging with the latest advancements in Azure message brokers. This session explores how Azure Service Bus, Event Grid PubSub, MQTT, and more can empower your enterprise applications with robust, scalable, and secure messaging capabilities.


What are you waiting for? Register for Integrate 2024 today! 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your integration solutions? Join us at Integrate 2024 and discover how Azure Integration services can streamline your workflows, boost efficiency, and drive innovation. Connect with experts, gain valuable insights, and elevate your integration strategies to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the future of integration! 

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