8 Learning Paths for Beginners on GitHub

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GitHub is more than a code hosting service - it’s a platform where millions of developers around the world connect, collaborate, innovate, and learn in a vibrant community. In this article, I present 8 repositories with free course tracks created by Microsoft’s technical community, a reliable source of resources and knowledge, offering various learning paths for beginners in different areas of technology.

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8 Learning Paths for Beginners on GitHub

IoT for Beginners

Explore the vast universe of the Internet of Things (IoT) through our 12-week curriculum. With 24 carefully crafted lessons, you'll be guided through the fundamentals of IoT, from agriculture to logistics and retail. Each lesson offers interactive quizzes, clear instructions, and practical projects, allowing you to dive deep into this exciting technological field.


AI for Beginners

Uncover the secrets behind Artificial Intelligence with our 12-week curriculum developed by Microsoft. From symbolic AI to Neural Networks and Computer Vision, each lesson is an opportunity to dive deeper into this constantly evolving field. With hands-on lessons and labs, you’ll be ready to explore the world of ethical AI using tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch.


Data Science for Beginners

We present a comprehensive Data Science curriculum, divided into 10 weeks and 20 lessons. Each session is carefully crafted, offering quizzes both before and after the lessons, detailed instructions for completing the tasks, solutions for guidance, and a practical assignment. Our project-centered approach ensures that you learn while building, a proven effective methodology for solidifying new skills.


Web Development for Beginners

Take your first steps into the world of web development with our comprehensive 12-week course. Through practical projects involving JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, you will learn the fundamentals while building virtual terrariums, browser extensions, and space games. With interactive quizzes and practical assignments, your coding journey begins here.


Machine Learning for Beginners

Discover the fascinating world of Machine Learning in our 12-week program. With an emphasis on traditional machine learning using Scikit-learn, this course provides a solid foundation for those looking to understand the fundamental principles before exploring the deeper universe of deep learning. Complement your journey by combining this course with our Data Science offering for a complete and comprehensive view of the vast data field.


Generative AI for Beginners

Discover the fundamentals of Generative AI with our 18-lesson course. With each lesson focusing on a specific topic, you’ll have the freedom to explore this exciting field at your own pace. From basic concepts to code examples in Python and TypeScript, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to creating applications of creative AI.


Mastering GitHub Copilot for AI Paired Programming 

Master GitHub Copilot with our 7-lesson course on pair programming. Unlock the power of collaborative coding as you and your partner explore the possibilities offered by this revolutionary tool. With a focus on practical learning, this program prepares you to accelerate your coding skills in collaboration with others.


Security 101 

Start your cybersecurity learning journey with our 8-lesson course. In this rapidly evolving technological world, understanding the basics of cybersecurity is essential. With short lessons and interactive quizzes, you will be introduced to the essential security concepts to protect IT systems.

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