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Whether mobile or desktop, virtual or physical, in the office or out in the world, Microsoft Intune can help you secure access to your company resources and keep your workforce productive from a single pane of glass. While this is an awesome capability, it also brings some complexity with it. Customers have asked for a guide that spells out explicitly what they should do to get started with Intune. Here you'll find the resources you need before, during, and after your Intune deployment.

“I want to…” focus on outcomes

Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune product and capabilities documentation website.Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune product and capabilities documentation website.

The Intune hub page is divided up into various sections based on the most popular and most recommended activities for IT administrators working with Intune.

If you're thinking about moving to Intune, the Iearning hub offers:

For those ready to make a move to Intune, you'll find:

“Do this next” demos

If you're signed up for Intune and have devices enrolled, we have specific “do this next” guides based on Microsoft expert suggestions for what to do first and questions we get most from our customers. These are click-through demonstrations that you can follow, often with the specific recommended values for common settings. These guides include:

Screenshot of the conditional access policies.Screenshot of the conditional access policies.

As we keep adding capabilities to Intune, the list will keep growing, so we recommend you bookmark the guided demo landing page.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune guide to the landing page.Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune guide to the landing page.

Helping you help your end users

Successful Intune adoption doesn't begin and end in the IT department. To help your users enroll their devices, we've also revised and re-launched our Intune Adoption Kit. Customize and send these assets as part of your internal campaign to get users to manage their devices with Intune. In one file you can get:

  • Two customizable email templates
  • One customizable enrollment guide
  • One printable poster

These assets answer frequently asked questions and include links to online videos and demos of exactly what users will need to do to enroll their iOS/iPadOS and Android devices to Intune.

Screenshot of the guide to managing mobile devices with Intune.Screenshot of the guide to managing mobile devices with Intune.

Documentation of all sizes

If you have more questions or use-cases, we have resources for almost any scenario you might come across with Intune. Our library is organized by objective, platform, industry, or scenario and is the standard for reference and in-depth explanation. To view the selection of documentation in the library, visit the Microsoft Intune documentation.

For more help

If you find yourself with a need that can't be met by the documentation, we've got even more resources available to you. Our community pages have blogs and forums where you can get news, updates, and answers from peers and product engineers. The Intune Support Team on X is also a great resource.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune discussion board on Microsoft Tech Community.Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune discussion board on Microsoft Tech Community.

Help from fellow professionals

We did some deep-dive interviews with IT pros who made the switch to Intune and asked them to speak to other IT pros. Hear from your peers on what it's really like to negotiate the personal, organizational, and technical steps involved in moving to Intune—as well as what it's like on the other side. Each interview is indexed and linked, so you can get right to the questions that matter to you most.

Find the videos on our discussion page at

More valuable content to come

Microsoft Intune has a very active Most Valuable Professional (MVP) community. We're in the process of consolidating the most informative and helpful content from our MVPS and we'll post it on this page when it's ready. So be sure to bookmark this post to get updates. To learn more about the MVP program visit the MVP home page.

Help us help you

All these changes are meant to improve your experience in adopting Intune and configuring and managing your endpoints. If we've left some vital topics uncovered or you have suggestions about capabilities you'd like to see in Microsoft Intune, share them on our feedback portal. If you're convinced, but need to make a case to decision makers or business leaders, share one of our YouTube videos with them:

You can also share one of our blog series from the Microsoft Intune Blog to show why now is the time to move to cloud-native endpoint management with Intune and how to do it.

Stay up to date! Bookmark the Microsoft Intune Blog and follow us on LinkedIn or @MSIntune on X to continue the conversation.

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