Expanding Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform (MDEP) support to new devices and form factors

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Earlier this year at Enterprise Connect, we announced new silicon and OEM partnerships for meeting room devices built on the Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform (MDEP). Since then, we have collaborated closely with our partners to make MDEP more widely available.


Today, we are excited to announce that MDEP now provides native support for Microsoft Teams Desk Phones and Microsoft Teams Panels. This expansion, achieved through close collaboration with Microsoft Teams, enables our device partners to rapidly adopt MDEP across the breadth of Teams' Android-based devices.

"We are thrilled to bring the Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform to Teams Phones and Teams Panels. This integration represents a significant step forward in our mission to deliver seamless, intelligent communication experiences across all devices", Says Ilya Bukshteyn, VP Teams Calling & Devices.
"The growing ecosystem of Teams Devices on Android is transforming the way businesses operate. From Teams Rooms to Teams Phones and Panels, these devices are designed to deliver high-quality audio and video, intuitive interfaces, and seamless integration with the broader Microsoft 365 suite."


We are happy to share that our partner Yealink, a global leader in unified communication and collaboration solutions, has announced they are set to release their first series of Teams Desk Phones built on Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform later this year. On the same day, Yealink also introduced their all-in-one dual-camera video bar, the new MeetingBar A40, accompanied by the CTP25 Touch Panel – both built on MDEP and slated for release later this year.


The new Yealink MeetingBar A40, built on MDEP


New partnerships

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Barco, a global leader in innovative visualization and collaboration solutions. Juha Kuosmanen, Head of MDEP at Microsoft, expressed our shared vision: "Microsoft and Barco share a common emphasis on designing solutions with enhanced privacy, accessibility, and manageability excellence. We are thrilled to welcome Barco to the Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform and confident that its future developments will be a catalyst for their continuous success".
Barco plans to leverage MDEP for its next-generation ClickShare solutions, enhancing their unique user experience. Jan van Houtte, EVP Meeting Experience at Barco, emphasized their commitment: "ClickShare remains focused on bringing a simple, premium experience to meeting spaces. We will continue to create innovative experiences, leveraging Microsoft’s expertise in security, manageability, and AI capabilities".


Doubling down on security

We designed MDEP with a focus on security, reliability, and enhanced manageability. This year, we are increasing our investment in security to align with Microsoft's Security Future Initiative (SFI). Collaborating with device manufacturers, we are launching a suite of security features in 2024 to protect device integrity and user data throughout the device's lifecycle.


Application integrity: bridging cloud and device security
MDEP’s Device Attestation feature enables applications to verify the security state of the device before enabling any services. Leveraging Microsoft’s PKI and certificate chain, this framework establishes a baseline of trust. To address potential threats, we introduce Application Integrity, securely including package information (ID and signature) backed by hardware attestation, allowing cloud services to trust the device confidently.
MDEP provides a platform API for apps and services to leverage this integrity layer, with OEMs now able to utilize Microsoft Azure Attestation services to validate the secure state of the device.

Secure monitoring
MDEP addresses the need for continuous monitoring through a secure monitoring service. This agent constantly assesses the device’s security posture, detects threats, and reports incidents. In extreme cases, the service can trigger a lockdown mode to protect both device and data.
MDEP offers APIs that MDM agents can utilize, empowering IT administrators.


Silicon diversity and frictionless provisioning
MDEP now supports PKI provisioning and hardware attestation across a range of silicon vendors, including Qualcomm, MTK, Rockchip, and NXP. Our modular software assets allow seamless portability to any OEM’s custom TrustZone architecture, reducing integration friction for Microsoft PKI adoption. To expedite time-to-market, we are developing sample Trusted Applications (TAs) that enable OEMs to maintain robust security standards.

Dig into our documentation and learn more about MDEP: https://aka.ms/mdep

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