Small Basic – Flags Update

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At first I'll show you two programs that I wrote for Tokyo 2020 Games.



 Tokyo 2020 Games Flag TBG303



 Paralymic Flag CJD102-0


Then I'll update my old blog Flags in Small Basic that introduced about a forum thread project: state banner.



Flag of Kazakhstan LSL357 by Nonki (note that very slow)


13 states.png

(Bulgaria from) 13 states SZR216-0 by Tryhest


87 states.png

 (Gabon from) 87 states GSJ434 by Tryhest



 Flag of Croatia KLT327 by Tryhest



Flag of Canada KTK632-0 by Nonki


animated flags.png

 (Denmark from) animated flags BKS854 by Tryhest



 Flag of China TFD171 by Nonki



 Flag of Korea TWD491 by Nonki



 Flag of United Kingdom BGR254 by Nonki



 Flag of Greece WZM647 by Nonki



Flag of Germany XFT584 by Nonki



 Flag of the Netherlands VNF823 by Nonki



 Flag of Finland DVC900 by Nonki


At last, I report you that some of programs such like 185 state flags (ZJH367 by Tryhest) no longer work well. I think this may be because of security issue while loading the internet files. This issue will be fixed in SBO 1.0 or later.


Let's cheer for olympians and paralympians with Small Basic programs. Thanks.


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