Sharing videos in Microsoft 365 when working remotely

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With many employees, teachers, and students working from home and moving activities online, videos are a great way to stay informed and engaged. Sharing important messages from leadership, progress updates with teammates, or a fun clip of your home office setup, are all ways to help keep people connected.

With the rapid growth of video usage, we have heard customers ask: How do I manage all the new video content? While Microsoft 365 offers several options to manage videos, it’s important to consider:

  1. What is the purpose of the video?
  2. Is this video meant for broad distribution?
  3. Will this video need to be shared outside my organization?

Video purpose: From company communications to personal videos
The purpose of the video will dictate the best place to store and manage it. If the video is just for your personal use, or you’ll be sharing with it just a small number of people, OneDrive is a great place to store it. Examples of these types of videos are something you’ve recorded so you can refer to it later, or a quick information sharing video for a few coworkers. If, on the other hand, you have a video that you plan to share with many people in your organization, uploading to Stream will be a better option for you. Examples here would be a recorded communication from a leader in your organization or a training that a lot of people need to watch.

Sharing videos to more than a few viewers
Microsoft Stream is expressly built to help people upload, view, discuss, and share videos securely. Video viewers get a great experience because Stream has been optimized for broad internal video sharing, accessibility, and bandwidth consumption. Stream videos can be embedded and shared in other applications such as Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word. They can be included as highlights to a larger story in a SharePoint news post or on your Intranet site.

For examples on ways you can use Stream videos to create a personalized, engaging Intranet site, visit the SharePoint look book to get inspired with some templates you can customize for your needs.


Stream in SharePoint.png


And while it is possible to use document libraries in SharePoint and OneDrive to share videos, we recommend using Stream, because when you want to share videos in Teams or include them in SharePoint pages, Stream will provide the best video viewing experience to engage with your audience.


To get started, visit our documentation on storing and sharing videos using Stream.

Sharing videos with people outside of my organization
If you need to share your video with someone outside of your organization, upload your video to OneDrive or SharePoint. You can learn more about external sharing in the Share OneDrive Files and Folders and Share SharePoint Files and Folders support documents.

From virtual boardrooms to classrooms everywhere, sharing videos using Microsoft 365 can help anyone working or learning remotely streamline their communications and keep their audiences engaged.

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