OPS110: Windows Virtual Desktop Roadmap Deep Dive

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Providing your staff with a secure and familiar workspace wherever and whenever they need is something that a lot of organisations need to think about.  Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)  can help you provide that very service.  In this session we'll discuss how WVD has helped assist organisations during the global pandemic, and also the features due to come to the produce soon. 



Tom Hickling, Senior Windows Virtual Desktop Global Black Belt


This session includes:

0:00 Introduction
0:13 What is today's session
2:00 How has Windows Virtual Desktop helped during the pandemic
5:41 Windows Virtual Desktop and Hybrid
9:11 Let's look at the roadmap
9:59 MSIX App Attach
17:53 MSIX App Attach Demo
25:50 RDP Shortpath Private
30:08 RDP Shortpath Private Demo
31:11 Anti Screen Capture Protection
33:26 Anti Screen Capture Demo
34:53 Start VM on Connect
37:19 Start VM on Connect Demo
38:58 Further reading
41:17 UserVoice is important
42:38 Wrap Up


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