Connect to expertise and content with new people experiences throughout Office 365

Customers tell us they are faced with information and document overload. And the adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings true. What truly counts is what you discover based on what others know. Office 365 people experiences let you tap into the power and value of the people around you to promote intuitive, proactive knowledge sharing based on the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph.

Today at Ignite, we’re pleased to announce the rollout of innovative people experiences:

  • A new Delve app for Windows 10 desktop and mobile (available today).
  • People cards that surface profile information and content throughout Office 365 (rolling out now).
  • Updates to the Office 365 profile (rolling out to first release today).

These new people experiences in Office 365 help you stay in the know. No matter what app you are using, you can discover content through people, share expertise more easily, and connect with each other right from where you are already working.

Let’s dive into the details, starting with the new people-centric Delve Windows 10 app.

Delve app for Windows 10 desktop and mobile

The Delve Windows 10 app is where we first see people experiences for Windows desktop and mobile. The app helps catch you up with what’s going on and gain insight into work being done by your colleagues—an activity stream of all important, timely files in one place. You’ll know what’s going on when you see number badges on the photos of relevant people and receive important notifications based on changes they have made throughout Office 365.

With the new Delve Windows 10 app you can:

  • Stay in the know and discover what your colleagues are working on with badges and notifications.
  • Find relevant documents and email attachments based on people you know.
  • Get back to important documents you’re actively working on.
  • Locate expertise and learn more about colleagues relevant to you.

Install the Delve app for Windows 10 today.

Learn more about how to benefit your discovery using the Delve Windows 10 app. If you use other devices, check out Office Delve for iOS and Office Delve for Android, both in app stores already.

Intelligent people cards in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Outlook on the web

You’ve probably seen contact cards in Outlook. This update brings intelligent, Delve-like experiences to Office 365 apps (like SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business), right in the context of your work. When you hover over a person’s name or image, people cards expands to reveal contact information, organizational relationships and documents they have been working on.

People cards have already begun to appear in Outlook on the web, and they are rolling out now within SharePoint Online team sites, document libraries, lists and OneDrive for Business. You, too, can access the same valuable information and insight through people within the SharePoint and OneDrive mobile apps. See a person’s name or photo, and simply click or tap to learn more about them and the work they do. People cards are within reach where you are working and will help you prepare and stay informed throughout your day.


People cards throughout Office 365 show contact information and more about who a person works with and what they work on.

Updates to Office 365 profiles

Your Office 365 profile represents you, who you know and what you and they are working on. Profiles are content-rich and actionable. You can start a Skype chat or call or email a colleague right from their profile page. To make it easier to know when to reach out, Delve now gives you a peek into what their day looks like by showing you the free/busy information from their Exchange Online calendar. And if they’re not in, Delve shows their out-of-office message.

We made it much easier to edit your profile, to add value to how people discover you and your content. Listing projects, skills and education history to your profile is a great help to others who don’t know you yet. The updated profile editing experience makes it easier to keep your information fresh and updated with a few clicks and keystrokes.

Smart search results in Delve are organized into sections for people, documents and boards—making it easier to find exactly who and what you’re looking for. This is a more intuitive experience to find people by expertise, title or location. As your profile fills up with more important business information, expertise search and discovery becomes more valuable throughout the company.

Updated Office 365 Profiles show numerous details like free/busy calendar information, skills, projects and more.

The new inline profile editing experience when you click Update profile.

Learn more about your Office 365 Profile to better connect and collaborate in Office 365.

What’s coming next

We’re excited to bring the latest round of people experiences to Office 365, which will roll out automatically as new features are ready, and we plan to continue innovating in this area. Currently, we are looking at improving group cards for Office 365 Groups, bringing new people experiences to the Outlook 2016 client for Office 365 subscribers, and showcasing more Microsoft Graph insights within people cards.

If you have an idea for a future Office 365 people experience feature, please visit our Delve UserVoice page and submit your feedback using the People Experiences category tag. And vote items up! And we’re always attuned to what you tweet @OfficeDelve—let us know. You will see us continue to iterate and build more and more of what you tell us you need.

—Mark Kashman, senior product manager for the SharePoint team

Frequently asked questions

Q. What do I need to use the Delve mobile apps on my device?

A. You need an Office 365 work or school account that has Office Delve enabled by your Office 365 admin.

Q. Can I expect consistency of people experiences across Office 365?

A. Yes. We are working to bring consistent experiences and capabilities to people cards everywhere, and full profiles. As we progress, you may see specific workload nuances; for example, if you are in Outlook for the web, the initial focus may be more on showcasing the common email exchanges and meetings you have between each other.

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