Connect Microsoft Bookings to your Facebook Page and grow your business

Microsoft Bookings, a new service available in Office 365 Business Premium, makes it easy for your customers to schedule appointments with you in your own online Bookings Page. We’re pleased to announce you can now integrate your Bookings Page with your business’s Facebook Page too.

Once Bookings is set up on your Facebook Page, your customers simply click the Book Now button and select the service and time that works for them. Their contact information is automatically filled in for them, and once they click Book, they’re done.


All your bookings are still in one place

After your customer clicks Book Now, the same scheduling process—confirmation, notification, appointments, reminders, etc.—happens as if they were using your Microsoft Bookings web page.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I connect my Microsoft Bookings Page to my Facebook Page?

A. Follow the instructions here.

Q. How can I get Microsoft Bookings?

A. Microsoft Bookings is part of Office 365 Business Premium. Visit the Office 365 Business Premium website to learn how to purchase a subscription. Bookings is currently available in the U.S. and Canada and will be rolling out to all Office 365 Business Premium customers worldwide starting November 2016.

Q. Where can I learn more about Microsoft Bookings?

A. Read our announcement blog to learn more.

Q. Do I need to publish my Bookings Page to accept bookings through Facebook?

A. Yes. We use your Bookings Page as an indicator that you’d like your customers to book appointments with you online. It is a prerequisite before you start accepting bookings on Facebook.

Q. Will all my booking policies be respected if I integrate my Bookings Page with my Facebook Page?

A. All your policies (lead time, cancellation time, notification preference and staff selection) will be respected except for maximum number of days in advance that you can be booked. Customers can only book up to two months in advance through Facebook.

Q. How do I disconnect Microsoft Bookings and Facebook?

A. Follow steps one to three shown in this article and then select Remove Service on the Page Action button in the Microsoft Bookings tab.

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