First free online OneNote conference aims to engage a global audience

Join the first-ever online Learn OneNote Conference, where for six days experts from across the globe will showcase their OneNote tips, tricks and best practices. During the conference, 21 speakers will share—via video—how they use OneNote at home, at work and in education. These pre-recorded videos will be released at scheduled times throughout the conference. Register now so you can view the videos at your convenience for free for the duration of the conference. The conference begins November 12 and concludes on November 17.

Over 20 OneNote expert speakers are lined up

Organized by OneNote super-fan Jared DeCamp, the Learn Online Conference features 21 expert speakers from all over the world. Speakers will provide in-depth videos on OneNote topics ranging from showing how a deputy district attorney uses OneNote as a replacement for a three-ring binder­ and a small business owner tracks expenses with OneNote, to how a mother makes her life less chaotic by planning her house remodel in OneNote.

The last two days will include educators sharing how they plan their lessons, maximize OneNote Class Notebooks and how students are provided effective feedback on assignments with audio and text. Each of the six days will include three to four sessions focused on a specific OneNote theme.

The daily themes are:

  • Day 1: Getting started with OneNote
  • Day 2: Powerful OneNote features
  • Day 3: OneNote for life
  • Day 4: OneNote for business
  • Day 5: OneNote for education
  • Day 6: OneNote for education (continued)

See this Sway for speaker information and schedule details:

Submit your own tip video in your own language

We know there are thousands of OneNote Ninjas across the globe who are all using the product in their own way. We invite you to create a five to 15-minute video in which you give us your best OneNote tips. The important part of this initiative is: you may record this video in your own language, making this a truly international event.

Videos have already been submitted in Cantonese, Armenian and several in English; but we need more languages represented. ¿Cómo se utiliza OneNote?

View this Sway for details on how to create and submit your video so that all conference participants can watch it:

Showcase video on embedded objects

On day two, the online event will be all about the most popular OneNote features, such as page templates, tags, view options and workflow. Embedding live objects in OneNote pages has become another much-loved feature since its launch in November 2015. On OneNote Central (@OneNoteC), Marjolein Hoekstra keeps a close eye on its developments and frequently announces new discoveries.

Today, we’re excited to release her video about embedded live objects ahead of time, so that you can catch a glimpse of what the conference will be like. Have you ever wanted to insert a video playlist into your OneNote page? Maybe a Sway or a PowerPoint presentation? Marjolein also points out brand-new content types that have not officially been announced yet.

Get a copy of Marjolein’s Embedding Live Content resource notebook hosted on It contains all the examples discussed on Marjolein’s video and several resources related to the same topic. If you want to see more videos like Marjolein’s, be sure to sign up for free at the Learn OneNote Conference site today.

Put your pin on the map

We believe OneNote plays a significant role in Microsoft’s global mission of empowering every person on the planet to achieve more. Attending this conference does not cost any money, require any travel or force you to take a big risk. So, how about taking action and becoming a part of this unique event?

Whether you are joining as a speaker, contributor or participant, feel free to push your pin on the global map:

How do I register?

To register, visit the Learn OneNote Conference site and click Register for Conference. Be sure to confirm your email address to receive links to all the conference videos and resources.

Microsoft in Education OneNote events

Did you know Microsoft in Education organizes monthly #OneNoteQ TweetMeet events? Every first Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT, OneNote experts and Microsoft Innovative Educators are ready to discuss a specific topic with you. To join, follow #OneNoteQ in your Twitter client. If you use TweetDeck, simply click the looking glass icon on the top left, enter #OneNoteQ as your search query and add the column. The column will automatically refresh when new tweets tagged with #OneNoteQ arrive.

—The OneNote team

About Jared DeCamp—Learn OneNote Conference host

jared-decamp-pro-pixJared DeCamp is the host of the Learn OneNote Conference. As a real-estate appraiser, Jared uses OneNote every day and wants to share his OneNote knowledge, insights and wisdom. Register for the conference, share the details with your peers and follow Jared on Twitter, @Jared_DeCamp.

From Marjolein Hoekstra (OneNote Central @OneNoteC)

marjolein-pro-pixWhen Jared first told me about the conference, I immediately knew this would be a success. Within days, the speaker list was filled. I’m impressed with all the work that Jared and all the speakers have pulled off to make this event happen. As a OneNote trainer and as content curator at OneNote Central, I frequently speak with professionals. When they first learn about OneNote, the one expression I hear the most is: “OneNote, where have you been all my life?” This conference will greatly help us all to learn more about what you can do with OneNote.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who organized the Learn OneNote Conference?

A. The conference is being organized and hosted by OneNote super-fan Jared DeCamp.

Q. How can I get involved?

A. Register your participation on the Learn OneNote Conference website. Don’t forget to confirm. If you like, submit a video in your own language. It would be great if you would announce the event to your own followers on social media.

Q. What is the hashtag for the conference?

A. The hashtag for this conference is #ONconf2016.

Q. What happens after the event?

A. After the event, access to the videos will be exclusive to participants who have purchased a Lifetime Access Pass. This is also a great way to catch up with videos you haven’t been able to watch. Details about this are sent to you after registration.

Q. Who and what should I be following on Twitter?

A. Here are all the Twitter accounts you can follow:

  • @MSOneNote—Official Microsoft OneNote account
  • @OneNoteEDU—Official Microsoft OneNote in Education account
  • @Jared_DeCamp—Organizer and host of this conference
  • @OneNoteC—OneNote Central, Marjolein’s account with daily tips and pointers about OneNote

Q. Where can I send ideas and feedback that I have about this initiative?

A. Reach out to Jared on Twitter: @Jared_DeCamp.

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