Circuit Breakers Blasts its Way to Xbox One in 2017

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Xbox Wire.

Circuit Breakers is genuinely one of the most-exciting releases I have been a part of. It’s the sort of game that myself and my colleagues can jump right into during our lunch break, and have a blast… blasting some robots.

Circuit Breakers on Xbox One is a very exciting opportunity for us as developers and publishers, as well as you, the player. Designed like a classic arcade machine, Circuit Breakers tests how far you can go before succumbing to deadly robots — once you die, you’ll be reset to the beginning of the game. However, you won’t have to repeat the same levels over and over, as Circuit Breakers randomly selects levels from a huge pool of hand-crafted environments.

There’s also plenty of fun and menacing playable characters to choose from, each with their own weapons. Rockets, lasers, shotgun shells, and even flames will be used to combat your enemies across numerous levels. Exclusively on consoles, Circuit Breakers on Xbox One will support six-player local co-op, making for a hectic, yet fun, experience. That’s right: Circuit Breakers is one of the only current-gen console games that features six-player local co-op. Or if you’re more of a lone wolf, Circuit Breakers scales its difficulty depending on how many players are taking part in the robot-blasting goodness.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this first look at Circuit Breakers on Xbox One. To stay up to date on our game, keep an eye on our Circuit Breakers Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as the Excalibur Games Twitter and Facebook pages. We can’t wait to see you blasting robots in Circuit Breakers next year!

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