Azure Data Lake GA! | Data Exposed

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This weeks episode of Data Exposed welcomes Saveen Reddy and Rajesh Dadhia to the show to make the important announcement that Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics is now Generally available!
This is exciting news! Barely a minute into the show and Saveen and Rajesh, both of whom are GPMs in the Big Data team at Microsoft, give us the great news. For those who are unfamiliar with Azure Data Lake, Rajesh and Saveen give us quick overview of both Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics are all about.
At the [02:05] mark Rajesh focuses on Azure Data Lake Store, a hyper-scale data repository for big data analytic workloads. He explains how ADLS compares to other cloud storage options, and also talks about how enterprises can leverage ADLS for storage of any type of data without limitations to size.
At the [09:15] mark the discussion moves to Azure Data Lake Analytics and Saveen takes over to
help frame the discussion as to how ADLA in relation to HDInsight and the other compute components.
Both Rajesh and Saveen talk about how easy it is to get started and create an ADLS and ADLA account and the ease at which you can develop massively parallel programs to gain insights into your data. They provide insight into the architecture, how compute and data work together to provide highly optimized and scalable analytical solutions. 
Definitely an awesome video and we look forward to having them back for further insight into both of these awesome services!