Machine Learning for Developers | Technical Summit 2016 – connecting.technologies.

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In this session attendees will get a solid overview of the machine learning process through an interactive discussion of the foundational principles of data science. In addition to the machine learning process, several popular machine learning algorithms will be introduced in order to get a firm understanding of how these things work in practice. After having a solid foundation, attendees will see how these principles are applied in AzureML.

Speaker: Seth Juarez

My name is Seth Juarez. I currently reside near Redmond, Washington and am Microsoft Evangelist for Channel 9.

I received my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at UNLV with a Minor in Mathematics and completed my Masters Degree at the University of Utah in the field of Computer Science. I currently am interested in Artificial Intelligence specifically in the realm of Machine Learning. I currently am working on a .NET library meant to simplify the usage of the common machine learning algorithms.

I've been married now for 14years to a fabulously beautiful girl and have two beautiful daughters, and two feisty sons.