Last Year On Channel 9: 2016

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Now THAT was a year! We asked our Channel 9 Hosts for a few of their Picks of the Year. While it was almost impossible for them to narrow down such an awesome year, with some hair pulling, hemming and hawing and finally tough decisions (and some paper, rock and scissors) here are the top 14 Shows, Posts, Videos and Episodes for 2016 here on Channel 9

This Week on Channel 9 Pick:


TWC9 in the Forest

Golnaz's Picks:


Build 2016: Before the Big Event
Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on macOS
Windows Insider Program: Interview with Dona Sarkar, Jeremiah Marble, and Kyle Dunkerley

James Montemagno's (Xamarin Show) Picks


What's New in C# 6.0
The Xamarin Show 5: MVVM & Data Binding with Xamarin.Forms

Robert Green's (Visual Studio Toolbox Host) Pick:


Template 10 for Windows 10 Apps

Chris Risner's Picks (Cloud Cover Host):


Episode 205: Azure Functions with Chris Anderson

Andrew Richards (Defrag Tools) Pick:


Defrag Tools #161 - Troubleshooting a Slow PC

Katie Stone Perez's (LevelUp Host) Pick:


Episode 18: Xbox Dev Kit Mode

Soumow's Picks:


Windows Subsystem for Linux: Architectural Overview
Interview with Kathleen Hogan

Larry’s Picks:


Seth plays against USA Table Tennis Olympian, Erica Wu
Defrag: We're back with new tools, old tools, partition tips, Hibernate vetoing and more....

Seth’s Pick:


An Introduction to Microservices with Mark Russinovich


... did you scroll all the way down? Well then you get some bonus content! We added a number of new shows in 2016 as well as hosted a mind-numbing number of great events!

New Shows


Top Events


 Let us know what your favorite video of the year was!