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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder talk about Application Hangs. We collect a dump of a process and debug it with the Debugging Tools for Windows.

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[00:00] Happy New Year!
[01:20] Tools for Application Hang analysis
[02:36] Analyze Wait Chain in Task Manager
[04:36] Sysinternals ProcDump
[07:00] Thread List: ~
[07:34] Call Stack of each thread: ~*k
[08:28] Unique Call Stacks (filtering): !uniqstack
[11:26] Call Stacks (with N+ frames): !pde.deep [N]
[12:40] Call Stacks (with N+ frames) not on a wait: !pde.busy [N]
[15:20] Demo Apps and PDE are on the Defrag Tools OneDrive
[17:45] View Critical Section Locking: !locks
[21:48] Conclusion

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