Rise & Shine Now Available for Xbox One

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When we started developing Rise & Shine three years ago we had the intention, as we always do, of making an obsessively polished experience for gamers to enjoy. If we’ve learned anything while working on past projects like Plants VS Zombies, it’s that gameplay is king. In the case of Rise & Shine, we made sure you feel that buttery smooth precision each time you holster Shine, a very talkative gun that doubles as Rise’s companion.

We created the game to be challenging at every moment and players are sure to die a lot, but you’ll also get better each step of the way. Trust us, finding your way out of the tricky situations we’ve cooked up is going to feel fantastic.

Relentless battles and merciless enemies await as you control a kid named Rise who finds himself fighting for Gamearth, the home of all classic video game characters. When a chance encounter places a legendary weapon in his hands, Rise must fight through the invading Space Grunt army to reach the only thing that can save his world.

Rise & Shine has a lot of stuff you’d see in shooters, but make no mistake, this is not another run’n’gun platformer where zillions of enemies mindlessly swarm as you advance. In Rise & Shine you’ll shoot a lot (yes), kill some enemies (check), witness massive explosions (yup), ogle cool set pieces (got it), and blast through a couple of giant bosses (ok); but you’ll also encounter situations that require you to stop, think, and solve problems with bullets. Let that sink in for a moment. Every shootout on Gamearth is a skill puzzle, and that’s why we like to call Rise & Shine a think’n’gun.

So yeah, introducing fresh ideas to a known genre is nice and all, but we believe a great deal of a game’s personality comes from its art so we went the extra mile here too. We decided to create custom illustrations for all Rise & Shine’s backgrounds, so every step you take is entirely different and unique. Do you see that rock, that destroyed house, or that crashed mothership there? Well, you won’t see it anywhere else in the game. Some levels are a huge, three-meter-wide works of art. And don’t forget to multiply that by two depth layers. People told us we were crazy to try to pull this off, but with a lot of hard work we did it and believe it was worth every drop of sweat. We’re confident players will appreciate the attention to detail.

Same with the game’s soundtrack. Every piece sounds unique thanks to the combination of real instruments and one very talented opera singer. Be ready for those goosebumps. We still get them after playing the game for years!

So get comfy on that couch of yours, grab your controller, and be prepared for surprises every step of the way in Rise & Shine!

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