Enjoy Your Stay at The Sexy Brutale; Make Sure It’s Not Permanent

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Welcome to The Sexy Brutale! We’re pleased to announce that after three years of hard work across two studios has finally allowed our game to throw open its doors later this year! The Sexy Brutale is the name of the casino mansion where the game (and murders) take place, a looping-time murder mystery adventure where the player takes on the role of an elderly priest, Lafcadio Boone, who is one of the guests at the mansion.

You wake up during the annual masked ball thrown by the owner, the enigmatic, Marquis, only to discover two unexpected things: the staff are murdering the guests and there may be some occult activity happening time and time again. Your only chance of escaping, it seems, is to hide from the staff and guests, watch what they do, and try to find the key moments where you might be able to save their lives.

All the staff and guests are wearing exotic masks for the ball which appear to be possessed with some strange power, and every day the same events will take place at the exact same time. In every area of the mansion at least one (usually quite grisly) murder is taking place. To save the guests, you must watch what they do each day and look for opportunities to change what happens. With every guest you save, you’ll gain new information, new powers, and more access to the mansion.

For example, the first victim you encounter, Reginald Sixpence, was the clock maker and eccentric engineer who worked on all the timepieces in the mansion. Once you save him, you’ll gain the powers from his clockwork mask and stopwatch that allows you to manipulate time throughout the mansion, giving you access to new areas and options. There are other abilities, but we’ll keep them a secret for now. We will say that there are a lot of murders, but it’s a game about unraveling a mystery and getting to the heart of what has gone so terribly wrong in the mansion.

The Sexy Brutale has been a joint development between newly-founded UK based Cavalier Game Studios and Madrid’s Tequila Works (makers of Deadlight and the upcoming RiME). The idea was originally created and developed by Cavalier, and when Tequila Works first played the demo, they offered to enter a joint development to bring the full weight of their art and support. We think this has resulted in something special. We’ve taking inspiration from games, films, and theater that struck a chord with us over the years, from old school point-and-click adventure games all the way to films like “Groundhog Day”.

Thanks for reading and please keep an eye out on the website for more information, or feel free to drop us a line on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to welcoming you to the grand opening of The Sexy Brutale!

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