Magic Duels “Aether Revolt” Available Now on Xbox One

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Aether Revolt, the sixth major expansion in Magic Duels on Xbox One, is all about adding powerful cards, cool new strategies, and a lot of refinements to Xbox One multiplayer.

The world of Kaladesh that we introduced in the last Magic Duels expansion is a world of bold optimism. Invention and ingenuity are held in the highest regard. But as they often do in a game about conflict, things have taken a dark turn. The ruling Consulate has restricted aether access, confiscated inventions, and locked up inventors. This doesn’t sit well with the people of Kaladesh, so a revolt is on. And now, it’s time to take the power back in Aether Revolt.

When developing this expansion, we wanted to put the player at the heart of the resistance. Often in stories with conflicting factions, players are offered a choice and must decide where their allegiances lie. With this set, the major mechanics closely align with the revolting renegades. The ruling Consulate still shows up on several cards, including some impressive new Vehicles players will be excited about, but our focus is on the revolt.

That leads us to the first of our new card abilities, aptly called revolt, which appears on cards that care about other cards leaving the battlefield. This represents the people of Kaladesh fighting back when so many of their possessions — and in some cases, family — are disappearing. Each revolt ability is different. Sometimes your opponent will blow up your stuff, and that’s good news for your Revolt cards. Or sometimes you can find a way to get your own cards off the battlefield and take advantage of this ability.

Another new ability waiting for players is improvise. Invention on Kaladesh is no longer a leisurely, scholarly pursuit. Now you’re cobbling together the tools of war, and the improvise ability can help. When casting a spell with improvise, players can use cards with type artifact to help pay for the spell’s cost. This lets you deploy some pretty awesome cards way earlier than your opponent may be expecting.

Players can also look forward to the return of some popular mechanics from Kaladesh: amazing Vehicles, brave Pilots, crafty Servos, and more Planeswalkers. In all, 126 new cards await you in Aether Revolt. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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