Pinning, Sorting and our roll out – January Update

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A couple of hours ago, we updated Outlook Customer Manager - here is what we changed: 


Pin your app, so it always stays open

One of the issues we found with Outlook Customer Manager, is remembering to open it. With today's update you don’t need to anymore.

After opening the app - pin it and it will stay open while you go through your emails, go to the calendar or come back from our module.PersistentTaskpane.png


This features comes with our latest update and the latest Outlook Build. Make sure you are uptodate and you will start seeing this little pin show up in the top right corner. Further you will now see Outlook Customer Manager light up in your appointments and when you write emails.


Sort and filter on your custom fields

We allow you to filter on regular fields already, but when you added a custom field, you couldn’t filter or sort by it. This functionality has now been added.Sort.pngTo get there - just go to the column you want to filter and hit the filter icon. It will give you a couple options.



Update on roll out to First Release

We have been expanding our roll out in the last couple weeks and anticipate to finish with the rollout for Business Premium in First Release by end of next week (February 2nd).

But if you want to test before we finish - you can create a new Business Premium user in first release and see Outlook Customer Manager show up in the next 12 hours.outlook customer manager license.png


 In the Adminstrator center you can will then see the Outlook Customer Manager license.



Thank you for testing and please give us any feedback, either in the comments or on Uservoice


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