Free your teams to innovate by improving collaboration

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When teams need to spend time looking for resources, wait for other people to get back to them or try to knit together information from different software or devices, projects end up running late. Team members rush to meet deadlines making it almost impossible to do their best creative work.

But isn’t working in a team supposed to make you more efficient—not less? That’s the idea, but you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t always work out that way. Have you ever found yourself saying, Who has the latest version of that market analysis? I know it’s been updated, so how come the only one I can find is months old?” or “It’s taking too long to get feedback on the budget from the team; we’re running out of time!” We heard you and created Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365—so you can get all the creative benefits of teamwork and free your teams from these productivity sinkholes.

Find what you’re looking for—instantly

One of the biggest time-wasters for teams is looking for content, tools, contacts and conversation threads. Imagine how much more effective everyone would be if they had instant access to everything they need—right in Office 365. Microsoft Teams uses powerful, integrated search capabilities and built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote and Planner, so team members can find what they’re looking for—instantly. Because every document shared in Microsoft Teams is saved to the cloud, team members work from the latest version—no searching.

Get that feedback

Team members often get stuck in a holding pattern because they’re waiting for the feedback and sign-off to drive a project forward. They try to set up conference calls, but to-and-fro scheduling burns up time. Even when they finally do get on a call, make edits to project documents and send out the revised versions, they’re often stuck waiting again for sign-off. All that changes when they can quickly start a team, private chat or online meeting with decision-makers and collaborate on shared files to secure approval right away. Integrated notifications plus side-by-side chat while viewing a document enables on-the-spot editing and finalizing of materials.

5 faces of today’s employees

There’s more you can do to bring diverse teams closer. If you have employees who work from remote locations, use different devices or simply have different collaboration preferences—you still need to figure out the right tools. Ready to learn how to support them all?

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Bring relevant information into Microsoft Teams

Team members can tailor workspaces with the specialized content and apps they need every day. For example, using Microsoft Teams, they can add tabs like a Word document or Power BI dashboard to provide quick access or take quick action with bots. Add apps like Jira or Trello to bring relevant information into your hub for teamwork.

You can do all this with built-in security and compliance features, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection.

And now for the best part about teamwork

Microsoft Teams lets you fully embrace the upside of teamwork—frictionless sharing that makes good ideas exceptional. Seize the potential for dramatic innovation by supporting a collaborative culture, and your enterprise can:

  • Widen the ideation pipeline.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Deliver higher-quality products and new customer experiences.

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