2. Azure Compute for Games | Gaming Services on Azure

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While the first episode of the Azure Game Services series provided a generic overview of Azure and how it could be leveraged by game developers, this episode will cover compute scenarios for games, and thus scenarios where custom server side logic is necessary for your game.

Common scenarios include multiplayer server hosting, leaderboards, matchmaking, achievements,  etc. Still at an overview level, Kristofer will go through two specific scenarios in depth: what are the requirements, what aspects should a game developer watch out for, which Azure services are suitable and what is the architecture?


[00:49] What are compute scenarios for games?

[06:28] What Azure services to consider

[07:49] Sample scenarios

[08:00] Scenario 1: Session Based Multiplayer Game

[13:28] Scenario 2: Serviced Game

[18:49] Nether

[20:33] Wrap up


Project Nether

Nether is a project composed of reusable set of building blocks, projects, services and best practices designed for Gaming workloads powered by Microsoft Azure, aimed to be beneficial for many type of game developers seeking inspiration or a fully implemented solution.

Azure for Gaming: http://azure.com/gaming

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