Troubleshooting the Kinect Driver

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Vangos Pterneas, Friend of the Gallery, has taking on the task to help document, and help you fix, a number of common Kinect driver issues.

I've seen these come up a number of times, this post is a must bookmark for any Kinect Dev...

Troubleshooting Kinect Driver Issues

"Kinect Drivers were originally released in 2014. Since then, there had been no major updates. Microsoft updated the drivers in November 2016, adding UWP support.

A few days ago, while working with one of our customers, I noticed something really weird: even though the latest Kinect drivers were available since November 2016, some customer laptops could not automatically download them from Windows Update.


As I further researched the problem, I noticed that other developers were facing the same issues. The problematic computers had the following symptoms:

  • Kinect was properly recognized by the computer.
  • Kinect Configuration Verifier indicated a steady 30 fps rate.
  • When running any of Microsoft’s Kinect Samples, there was no Body or BodyIndex stream! Color, Depth, and Infrared streams worked just fine, but Kinect could not recognize any skeletons.
  • The installed Kinect driver was dated to 2014 (check Driver Date in the Device Manager)!
  • Windows Update would not update the driver automatically.


Turned out the solution is quite simple. If you are facing the same problem, you need to download the driver manually. For your convenience, LightBuzz has uploaded the newest drivers (November 2016) in the following location.


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