TD banks on the security of the cloud with Office 365

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Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Microsoft.

When customers in highly regulated industries choose the Microsoft Cloud, it’s because they feel confident that our security capabilities will meet their needs. Microsoft has made great strides in securing approvals from global financial regulatory bodies to help them meet their compliance requirements. That’s one reason why TD Bank Group (TD)—a prominent North American financial institution with more than 90,000 employees worldwide—took a leadership role in the financial services industry with their move to Microsoft Office 365.

TD thoroughly tested the built-in security capabilities of Office 365. It also researched and confirmed that the Microsoft Cloud complies with Canadian financial regulatory requirements. And to maintain explicit control over access to their data during Microsoft service operations, they acquired Customer Lockbox for Office 365.

Jeff Henderson, executive vice-president and chief information officer at TD, can now speak to the advantages of moving to the cloud:

“As we build the bank of the future, we are providing the right tools and technology for our people, resulting in improved agility and security. We are moving forward, driving innovation with purpose, simplifying the way we work and significantly improving our colleagues’ experience. Our move to Office 365 is also helping us substantially reduce IT costs in half. We’re fully committed to the cloud as we add on all the Office 365 functionality, including the Enterprise Mobility Security Suite and Customer Lockbox.”

There is some very exciting thought leadership at TD these days, such as their global transformation initiatives, like the recent “Work Space of the Future” project. TD will be using Office 365 to make the most of its vision to empower employees with mobility, attract new talent and keep up with customers’ expectations for digital services.

As TD recognizes the incremental benefits of moving to the cloud, their investment in Microsoft is going to pay dividends. Especially now that they can realize the full capabilities of using the entire Office 365 productivity platform. It’s great that Microsoft is a part of their vision—in the workplace and in the cloud.

—Ron Markezich

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