Tips for Surviving Behind Enemy Lines in Sniper Ellite 4

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Sniper Elite 4 is now available worldwide on Xbox One! We’re thrilled to take you to the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes of 1943s Italy, in the biggest Sniper Elite ever. To help you hit the ground running, here’s six tips that will assist you in progressing through the single-player campaign and how to dominate foes in multiplayer.

Plan Your Route
Sniper Elite 4’s maps are massive, full of various paths to make your way through to your goal. You’ll often find that the most direct route is the most treacherous. Taking the time to plan for a slower, stealthier approach that takes advantage of the environment around you will allow you to pass by patrols unnoticed, conserve your ammo, and complete your objectives on the sly. You might even find some cool secrets and side missions…

Use Your Binoculars
Don’t just use your rifle. Take in the view through your binoculars to tag your enemies. Once tagged, you’ll be able to track these soldiers, patrols, and vehicles as they move through the map, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the game. You’ll also know what items they’re carrying for looting (tagged bodies can be looted faster). That can prove vital when staying out of sight.

Upgrade Your Arsenal
Every weapon in Sniper Elite 4 has different strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to upgrade your weaponry as you progress, as this will let you improve on their strengths while perhaps negating some of their shortcomings.

Sniper Elite 4 Hero

Choose Your Loadout
Sniper Elite 4 features many different maps across single and multiplayer, with variable sizes, environments, and challenges. Adapting your loadout to these surroundings is vital. You find a certain map suits longer-range rifles and the ability to heal on the fly, while others will benefit more from wily placement of traps as you cover your escape.

Playing as a Team
Whether you’re taking on the campaign with another player, testing skills in co-op, or proving your mettle in team-based multiplayer, you’ll find that communication is essential in Sniper Elite 4. And that’s not limited to voice comms — using binoculars to tag enemies is a great way of alerting your teammates to potential targets.

Shoulder Swapping
The ability to change which shoulder you’re looking over to aim shouldn’t be underestimated! This small feature may be just the thing to give you an edge over your enemies, especially in competitive multiplayer!

We hope these tips and strategies help! To stay up to date on all things Sniper Elite 4 on Xbox One, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned to Xbox Wire.

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