Snake Pass Slides to Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 28

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Hey, what’s up Xbox fans! I’m here to bring you some sssuper exciting news about our upcoming game Snake Pass. We’re pleased to announce that Snake Pass will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 28! Not only that, but we’ll also be supporting Xbox Play Anywhere from day one!

In case Snake Pass has been skirting under your radar the past few months, let me fill you in. Snake Pass is our upcoming physics-based puzzle platformer and the first original IP to come out of Sumo Digital. Players take on the role of the serpentine Noodle, who is joined by his best friend Doodle the Hummingbird. As the dynamic duo begin their ascent up the mountain, they discover that something isn’t quite right — the ancient gateways that connect the realms of Haven Tor have been depowered! What could it mean? Only time will tell…

Snake Pass Screenshot

From a gameplay perspective, one of the main things that helps set it apart from more traditional platformers is our take on the classic platforming formula. After all, snakes neither run nor jump, so just how do they get around? Snake physics! Inspired by real life biology, players must utilize the unique properties of a snake to make their way around the world. Snakes coil, climb, swim and most importantly slither! You’ll have to master these techniques as you hunt for the missing Keystones as well as other secrets and collectibles.

One of our mantras whilst developing Snake Pass has been “Think Like a Snake”, which on paper sounds crazy but once you grab hold of the controller and start sliding the analogue sticks around it soon becomes second nature. Think like a snake and nothing is impossible!

For ourselves at Sumo, Snake Pass is a milestone title in many ways. Not only is it the first original game to come from our studio, but its origins have incredibly humble beginnings, having been developed as part of our first company game jam.

Snake Pass Screenshot

For Snake Pass creator, Seb Liese, what started as an experiment soon became a love letter not only to his childhood pet snakes, but to the games of his youth like Rare’s collectathon platformers, including the ever-popular Banjo Kazooie. He wanted to capture those colorful, fun, and sometimes frustrating moments that just don’t seem to exist anymore.

And not to mention that having Snake Pass as an Xbox Play Anywhere title is great, being able to play on your Xbox One and pick up where you left off on PC is such a cool feature and perfect for seeking out those last collectibles that may be just out of your reach.

So, if puzzle-platformers are your thing, or you’re just looking to find something completely different, why not check out Snake Pass on March 28? For all the latest news and details, make sure you check us out over on We hope to see you in game soon!

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