An Introduction to Quantum Computing | MVP Led TechDays Online February 2017

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You may well have heard of Quantum Computing, a computing paradigm based on the rather weird world of quantum mechanics where a Qubit can be 1 and 0 at the same time. While it promises an enormous step change in the speed of some types of currently intractable calculations, including those that underpin our current information security technologies, it has always been 10-15 years away. But what is the current status of Quantum Computing research? Who are the players in the hardware and software of quantum? What will the killer applications really be? And is it still 10-15 years away?

In this session we will be talking to Ilyas Khan about these questions. Ilyas is the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing ("CQC"). Headquartered in Cambridge and with a presence in London and the USA, CQC is the world's leading independent quantum algorithm developer and also has a strong focus on AI. Prior to establishing CQC, Ilyas was the founding partner in Accelerate Cambridge, the University of Cambridge Judge Business school's highly successful accelerator programme. Ilyas is also the Chairman of The Stephen Hawking Foundation and a Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. He is a regular and extensive writer, commentator and speaker on topics relating to quantum computing, computational complexity and free will in the context of quantum information, and has a long standing interest in the philosophy of mathematics. He is a Life Member of the American Mathematical Society.

This session will give you insight into what Quantum Computing really is, what it promises to deliver, and views on when it might be a reality.