Data Migration Assistant – Azure SQL Database Assessment | Data Exposed

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Akash Verenkar and Venkata Pochiraju are back on the Data Exposed show to show us the improvements they are making to the Data Migration Assistant. Since the last time they were on the show, they have added the ability to do Azure SQL Database assessment capabilities which they demo on today's show!

They begin the show by highlighting the 3 upgrade and migration scenarios such as migrating from older versions of SQL Server to SQL Server 2016, as well as migrating existing SQL Server on-premises or competitive databases to modern cloud platforms such as SQL Server on Azure VMs or Azure SQL Database.

At the [02:50] mark, they get into the purpose of today's show which is understanding the end-to-end migrations to Azure SQL Database, providing an end to end experience from finding migration blockers, providing auto fixes, and then migrating and deploying the database to Azure.

Akash and Venkata provide a high-level summary of how that takes place and how .bacpacs play a critical role in the migration. Then, at the [06:15] mark it is demo time, and Akash spends the next 6 minutes showing the Data Migration Assistant 3.0, walking us through an Azure SQL Database assessment, including database compatibility and feature parity.

We definitely look forward to having these two guys back to show the migration!

You can download the latest DMA from here:

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