Gigantic’s Eternal Dawn Update is Now Available

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Calling all heroes! Gigantic’s Open Beta gets a gigantic update this week with new ways for you to approach the battlefield. The Eternal Dawn update continues to expand and polish the game with new fixes, new features, and a brand-new hero joining the lineup: the melee-support goddess, Zandora. The best part is that both the game and all the latest updates are available for free in the Windows 10 Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, where you can grab the game, party up and play cross-platform with your friends across the console and PC.

No matter your background in gaming, Gigantic has a hero and style that fits how you approach the competitive arena. Whether you come from traditional MOBAs, tactical shooters, fighting games, or action RPGs, you’ll find a diverse cast of melee bruisers, fully-armored tanks, ranged casters, and precision sharpshooters to choose from as you fight for dominance and control over the battlefield. Each hero brings a unique set of tools to the competitive arena, where there is ample room for you to learn and master their skills as you play.

Highlights of the Eternal Dawn update include:


Zandora brings a brand-new style of supporting your allies to the battlefield! She excels when surrounded by her allies, using her celestial auras to empower her team, protect them from harm, and even get them in and out of the battle quickly and effectively. As an ally, she can turn the tide of a team fight in your favor. As an enemy, she can be a powerful presence that commands your attention to have any hope of victory.

Gigantic Zandora Screenshot

Eternal Light Mastery Weapons

The new update also adds 18 new Eternal Light skins – one for each hero! By playing and mastering a hero, you will eventually be able to unlock a weapon gifted by the Eternals themselves. These celestial-themed weapons can be slotted onto your heroes, and come with an exclusive look and animations to show off your mastery to both your allies and enemies!

Storm Drake

One of the core mechanics of Gigantic is controlling the battlefield, and there may be no better way to do just that than by summoning a giant lightning dragon to (literally) shock your enemies! The Storm Drake uses chaining lightning attacks to devastate enemies who come too close, and is an intimidating addition to your creature arsenal. You can unlock the Storm Drake right away by visiting the shop or picking up the Eternal Dawn Bundle.

Gigantic Storm Drake Screenshot

Competitive Leaderboards

Feeling competitive? Now you can size up to the other players in the community, see your career bests, and strive to secure your spot amongst the top players in the world! Search for your gamertag as soon as the update is available.

Much More!

Whether you’re jumping into Gigantic for the first time or updating to try out the new hero, the Eternal Dawn update continues our work to improve and expand the game during the Open Beta. You can try it out for yourself by downloading the game from the Windows 10 Store and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

We’ll see you on the airship!

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