Time to Escape (Again) in The Escapists 2 on Xbox One This Year

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The Escapists is back and better than ever in The Escapists 2, sequel to the smash-hit indie game. We’re bringing fans some amazing new features; at the top of the list is multiplayer, with a wealth of options for playing with friends and strangers alike. There’s also a cool new art style, a revamped combat system, new gadgets to craft, and most importantly: a host of daring new ways to break out!

The Escapists 2 Screenshot

The biggest additions found in The Escapists 2 are the multiplayer modes. We have two modes, Co-op and Versus. The approach we’ve taken to implementing co-op multiplayer is “drop in/drop out”. It’s a great fit for the game and means that other escapees can join your attempt to spring free at any time. Having other players join your prison is as simple as switching your game to “Online” — if you’re finding a solo escape attempt a little tricky, you can call on friends (or strangers) to join in and give you a helping hand. The Versus mode is a little different. This competitive mode pits you against opponents, and every inmate works for themselves, with the winner being the first player to bust loose.

We’ve focused a lot of effort on improving the original gameplay to deliver a fairer and more approachable experience. In The Escapists 2 you should always understand the reason why you were caught. For example, whenever naughty actions are discovered by guards the prison is put on higher levels of alert, until it reaches the punishing “Lock Down” status. Getting caught committing crimes during a lock down will mean a short stay in solitary confinement; a stay you can reduce with a bit of repentant potato peeling.

The Escapists 2 Screenshot

The new and improved art style is also worthy of a mention. The pixel resolution has doubled over the original title and the game retains its character and charm, but the artists have been able to do some amazing work in breathing extra life into the characters and adding subtle details to the environments.

The design of prisons has also had a big overhaul. Prisons are much bigger than those found in The Escapists, they’re set over several storeys and the level designers have more tricks up their sleeve to provide the player with cunning new ways to break free. Escapes also take place from within a variety of exotic locations.

The Escapists 2 Screenshot

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the game when it release later this year! For more news on The Escapists 2¸ but sure to follow us on Twitter and stay tuned to Xbox Wire.

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