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Last week we blogged about using MonoGame to create new games for the Xbox One, Xbox Creators Create!.

Simon (darkside) Jackson wrote a great piece a couple months ago that I thought you all might like and be able to use right away (since you're all MonoGame'ing away right now, right?)

Getting the most out of your assets – The MonoGame Content Pipeline

Working with assets with projects and games is hard enough these days, from finding the right artist, tweaking and reviewing the content and then faced with the trouble of how best to import and manage it in your game. The problem is the same no matter which game engine or framework you turn to for your game production.

With MonoGame, thanks to its XNA heritage, we have a powerful content driven engine that is about as flexible as you can be without breaking something. At its core it offers:

  • Binary compatible asset compression, optimised per target platform (because most platforms like to do it differently)
  • Asset management, including default profiles for handling the most common formats
  • A generic asset loading system
  • An extensive Asset extensibility system

Through this article we’ll walk through some of the basics and delve in to a few advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of the content system.



Breaking from the norm, as this is a rather long article, I’m including a contents section so you can jump to whichever section you like:

  1. Basic Font use
  2. Adding a native resource
  3. Setting your project native language
  4. Regionalising resource files
  5. Your first Content Extension
  6. Creating a new asset using your extension
  7. The WPF Font extension

Now you can either follow through or jump directly to the section you want.

... [Click through for the entire article, links for code, etc.]