MemoScope.Net – Think “WinDbg & ClrMd UI for the .NET Guy”

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I don't know about you, but I use WinDbg only once in a couple blue moons and can never remember how.

So when I saw this, a tool written for a guy just like me AND that it's open source, I knew I had to share it with you...


Dump and analyze .Net applications memory ( a gui for WinDbg and ClrMd )


Please, read the wiki to know everything about MemoScope. Lot of pictures, animated gifs and some text for every major features.

What it MemoScope.Net ?

It's a tool to analyze .Net process memory: it can dump an application's memory in a file and read it later. The dump file contains all data (objects) and threads (state, stack, call stack)

MemoScope.Net will analyze the data and help you to find memory leaks and deadlocks

Use cases

Out of Memory

I know, with 64 bits apps it should not be an issue but it may still happen if your application :

  • is using too much memory (peak)
  • runs for days and has a "slow" memory leak

Dead lock

If your application is locked and you want to know where and why: dump the memory, display the threads status and blocking objects to see what thread is holding one that is waited by another thread.

Hard to reproduce bug

Sometimes, users can do weird things with your application and you can't make it happen on your computer so ask the user to dump its application's memory to analyze it on your machine.

 Animate GIF Showing MemoScope Features

... [Click through to get it and more]