Hello HoloLens Emulator

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Last week we highlighted a "Hello World" post for the HoloLens, Hello Holographic 3D World, but what if you don't have a HoloLens handy?

John's got a great post on how you can build HoloLens Unity apps without a HoloLens, using the Emulator...

How to build and run a HoloLens app in Unity using the Emulator

"Here’s how to set up a development environment to write HoloLens apps, even if you don’t have a HoloLens. You will need a PC running the latest Windows 10, a game controller and a copy of Unity. The free Personal edition of Unity, will work fine.

It won’t do any harm to have Visual Studio installed too as it makes a good C# editor (along other things). You can also use Visual Studio Code for editing.

  • Install the latest version of Unity.

    IMPORTANT:  During installing, make sure to select Windows Store .NET Scripting Backend. If you omit this, (you will know you have if you find various menu options discussed later are missing) you will not be able to build UWP apps, and that means HoloLens apps. If you discover that you did forget to install it, you can re-launch the Unity Download Assistant (it will be in your Downloads folder) and check the box.

  • Create a new 3D project.
  • Add something to the scene to look at – a Cube for example. When you’ve done this, click File / Save Scene to save this view.


  • Ensure the Window / Holographic Emulation window is open, select a room, and click Play again. You should be able to walk around the virtual room using the game controller. The room data will update at a similar rate to a real HoloLens, so there will be a tiny delay before the room appears.



Project Information URL: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/johnkenn/2016/12/07/how-to-build-and-run-a-unity-hololens-app-using-the-emulator/

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