Craft to Survive in Mount of the Gods for Roblox on Xbox One!

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Break out the balloons and party poppers, because Roblox recently celebrated its first anniversary on Xbox One! We’ve been making a huge splash on the charts since we launched on Xbox One back in January 2016, consistently ranking as one of the top 10 most-played games and as the #1 top free game for most of the year. As we celebrate this major milestone, we’re super excited to bring the fans even more fun user-generated games and experiences in 2017. Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest featured release, Mount of the Gods!

Roblox Mount of the Gods Screenshot

In Mount of the Gods, you’ve been stranded on a deserted island far away from civilization. Your sole purpose? Appease the divine powers that be, or incur their fiery wrath (spoilers: it hurts)! While working alone or with a group of friends, you must gather food, water, and enough resources to survive and satisfy the gods’ perpetual desire for all your possessions. Craft dozens of different tools and weapons and explore an ever-expanding, randomly generated island to find the supplies you need…or play the drums and think about life. The choice is yours.

This game comes to you from the visionary minds of Wheatlies and Dooglefox, two of the most talented Roblox developers in the community. They’ve created a unique experience that encourages you to make strategic decisions that could impact your survivability as the game progresses. Will you use your provisions to endure, or sacrifice them to the gods? We hope you’ll enjoy this interesting twist on the crafting game genre!

Roblox Mount of the Gods Screenshot

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