Small Basic is Now Available in the Windows Store

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Last Friday Liz Bander shared a small bit if big news, that one of our favorite code learning tools and environments, Small Basic, is now available in the Windows Store.

Big News! Small Basic available on Windows App Store!

Bring out the trumpets! Roll out the red carpet!

We’ve got big news for you today, because Small Basic 1.2 is now available on the Windows App Store!  That’s right, you can go download it directly from the store, by searching for “Small Basic” or directly from this link.  You can also rate and review Small Basic on the store, and we’d love to see your feedback.

FYI, if you are going to install the Windows App Store version, you must uninstall the previously installed version first.

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Yep, the Small Basic we know and love, is now even easier to install, just a couple Windows Store clicks away... :)