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You've been hearing IoT, IoT, IoT, you already know how to code, but you're not sure how to get started with IoT? Here's a great post and learning path from Zhidi Shang and team just for you...

A “Happy Path” to learn IoT development on Azure

Learning how to develop an IoT (Internet of Things) application on Azure has never been easier! It is no longer a painful journey!

There is a “Happy Path“ that, without requiring the developer to be well trained on both device and cloud ends, and anywhere in between, by following a few well-crafted tutorials, using some easy to acquire popular devices, and powerful cloud services on Azure, any developer can get an idea how to quickly convert their creativity into a prototype application, that runs on device but connects to the cloud!

As a product manager at Microsoft Developer Division for developing useful tools and guides for IoT developers, especially developers new to IoT development, I always encounter two large groups that need help when it comes to learn IoT application development or prototype IoT ideas:

  • Developers from device and hardware background, whose programming skill sets are heavy C/embedded C...
  • Developers who are high level application developers. They fluently program multiple languages on cloud and mobile platforms...

Under the big trend of IoT, where it needs to bridge together the “I” and “T” from “IoT” for developing the e2e application, developers often find they need to learn lots of knowledge from “the other” side. The learning process is often not so “happy”, especially on how to bridge the two ends together.

My team found this pain point, and try to solve this problem by lowering the barrier for anyone who wants to learn the basics of IoT application development. We developed a series of “Happy Path” getting started tutorials, for some most popular hardware devices used by IoT developers around the globe, to connect to Azure IoT and Azure’s powerful cloud services for any innovative IoT idea!


Each of the tutorial is targeting a specific goal to achieve, with step-by-step instructions and tested sample codes published on github.com

If you know what device you have or you want to use, and what languages you want to learn for the device you choose, you can start by locating the right tutorial for the device-language combination.


Each tutorial is typically consisted of 4 progressive lessons plus a troubleshoot guide:

Lesson 1: Configure your device:

Device side work – Get necessary tools; create and deploy your first application: Blinking the LED, the “Hello World” for device.

Lesson 2: Create your IoT Hub:

Cloud side work – Use python CLI to create IoT Hub and register the device

Lesson 3: Send device-to-cloud messages:

A sample application to send device-to-cloud message; store and read it.

Lesson 4: Send cloud-to-device messages:

Send cloud-to-device message to trigger the LED on device blinking.


If you have read through the blog and reached this line, let’s check out the “Happy Path Tutorial” and start learning!

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