Keeping Track of Your Code’s Preformance with CodeTrack

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In March we highlighted a cool debugging tool, MemoScope.Net - Think "WinDbg & ClrMd UI for the .NET Guy". Today we're highlighting another, an awesome one-man project that I think you're absolutely going to want in your toolbox...


A free .NET performance profiler and execution analyzer


CodeTrack is a versatile profiler with some extra tricks up its sleeve.
On top of the profiling features it also allows debugging and analyzing code execution.



  • x64 and x86 architectures
  • .NET 2
  • .NET 4 and up
  • .NET Core
  • Standalone apps
  • Webservices, WCF, ASP.NET
  • IIS and IIS Express
  • Windows services
  • Including child processes
  • Detailed call information including generic arguments
  • Performance tree (per thread/process and combined)
  • Unique timeline view
  • List view
  • Heli view
  • Code view
  • Exceptions overview
  • Search & Mark features
  • Rescope & Filter threads
Non invasive & Portable
  • Attach to a running process
  • No installation required, copy the files and you're ready to go!
  • Possibility for offline analysis on a different machine
Different levels of detail

Before profiling you can pick the right detail level, from sampling to in depth tracing (even including arguments).

Possibility to apply filters, only trace what you are interested in.

Log all exceptions that occur during the profiling session.


Best of all: CodeTrack is free to use !

You can use Codetrack for personal and commercial use.
Please refer to the detailed license in the about window.

...  [Click through to download it, see the videos and more]

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