Fly, Swing, and Smash to Save the Day in the Roblox Heroes Event

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Breaking news! Citizens across Robloxia are on high alert after the nefarious Darkmatter and his league of supervillains started carving a path of utter destruction across the city’s once-peaceful streets. We need you, the Heroes of Robloxia, to put an end to Darkmatter’s diabolical schemes. Suit up, and explore three action-packed Roblox games and experiences to win exclusive virtual items during our new seasonal event from now until June 14!

Roblox Heroes Screenshot

Starting today, you and your friends can leap into action, defeat bad guys, and win awesome virtual prizes for completing various missions in Roblox’s most epic user-generated games yet. Rise to the challenge and help save the city – our future depends on you! Play these (totally free) games today to participate in Roblox’s new Heroes event:

  • Heroes of Robloxia – A new, exclusive Roblox game created just for this event, you and your super-powered friends must band together to prevent Darkmatter and his evil goons from destroying all Robloxians! Play a variety of uniquely thrilling scenarios and fight side-by-side with other superheroes to end Darkmatter’s reign once and for all.
  • Super Hero Life – Ever dream of becoming a superhero or supervillain? Now you can! Fully customize your character with their own costume and powers, then choose to save the world or live a life of crime in this fun role-playing game. Save 10 pets from trees as a Hero or destroy 10 hot dog stands as a Villain to earn a new virtual item. Like the saying goes, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. In this city, the choice is yours.
  • Survive The Disasters – Trouble is always just around the corner when you’re a superhero. Team up with your friends and survive an endless series of fun and zany cataclysmic disasters, including acid rain and an army of evil sentient cakes! But beware—a massive flood is coming. Help save fellow citizens and tow 10 rescue boats to earn a new virtual item.

The Roblox Heroes Event is now live on Xbox One, so join forces with your friends and help save the day today!

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