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After 15 years working in startups across a variety of product roles, Cindy Alvarez is now a principal design researcher in the Cloud & Enterprise division at Microsoft. She's the author of Lean Customer Development: Build Products Your Customers Will Buy, a frequent speaker and champion of experimentation, using data and research well, and changing habits to foster greater diversity and inclusion.
Talk with Scott Hanselman about Lean Customer Development: 
Article about cognitive biases and how they impact building product:


GALs is a show about the women who work in Tech (at Microsoft or outside) from three ladies that currently work on the Channel 9 team. Golnaz Alibeigi, Soumow Atitallah, and Kaitlin McKinnon have started a new series featuring women in Tech who work in development, management, marketing and research who have interesting stories to share about their success in the industry and ideas on how to grow diversity in IT.

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